You are welcome here. The Quick Matchmaking Means you can request here for your horoscope compatibility problems, marriage predictions or if you are facing in your life related to horoscope matching.

What you’ll get in Horoscope Matching by date of birth

Here you can request a detaild analysis of your horoscope regarding any match or compatibillity problems. Usually couple request me analysis for….

Whether you are facing compatibility problem or you want to get rid of current relationship to move on your next relationship, you can request an analysis of your horoscope.

You can simply send me an email on with your date of birth, time of birth & place of birth and your partner’s birth details as well.

You will get an instant answer to your queries. We really work for those who are looking for horoscope matching solutions & horoscope compatibility solutions.

General Horoscope Matching for Couple who want love or arranged marriage

If you are in a serious relationship & want to get married you can request General Horoscope matching by Ashok Prajapati. You will get a report on your relationship that if you get married what will happen. Here are things we consider…

  • If you marry with your partner how will be your married life.
  • What is score of compatibility (Gun Milan) & what is conclusion.
  • Is there any serious problem, what are the happenings.
  • Family acceptance & support.
  • If horoscope does not match what are solutions.
  • Easy remedies for your compatibility issues.
  • Kids future if you get married.
  • Or you can make list of your own 5 questions.

So above points will be covered if you want to go for a dedicated horoscope matching by date of birth for you and your partner.

Horoscope match for married couple

We can understand that if someone get married with a person where horoscope is not matching what happens. Relationship issues can be solved by astrology but sometimes its almost impossible for a couple to manage.

So if you want to know your future married life just give me your birth details & I will prepare a report for you.

  • What will happen in the next 5 years as per your relationship I will tell you?
  • I will clear your doubts if you are in a relationship & want to get rid of the current relation.
  • In case you want me to solve your problem I can share you the remedies.
  • Overall your planets effect & how long it will take to be stable in married life.
  • Or you can make a list of your own questions.

When will I get married and to whom?

If you are looking the answer of this question when will I get married & to whom then you can request your marriage prediction by date of birth & time. You will get a detailed report of your marriage.

  1. I will share a report containing the points below.
  2. When will you get married.
  3. How will be married life.
  4. What about life partner by personality, career, family & nature wise.
  5. What is scope of marriage soon.
  6. What is best for you to get married soon.
  7. Is there any problem in marriage? What are the solutions?
  8. Multiple marriage? If so get your future marriage prediction.

is there anything else I can help you? Find below the contact number & send me your message.

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You can consult for your horoscope reading. For marriage prediction you need to pay 999Rs through the link below. After upi payment you can send your attachment on the same number on whatsapp.

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