5 common myths in Kundali matching

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Kundali matching Myths is something most of us have heard of or know of through the years, and have seen our parents, friends or extended family go through the process for marriage. This is something that is done by most parents before the marriage of their child. Also, unlike some people in metropolitan cities believe, this practice of Kundali matching is not prevalent only in rural areas. A majority of families, irrespective of their lifestyle, partake in this.

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As is true for anything that is well known, many kundali matching myths have come to be believed about this. Today we will look to debunk the five most common myths surrounding kundali matching to give clarity to the whole process and system.

  • The first biggest myth here is that the whole thing is unscientific. This is so far from the truth. Most aspects of astrology have been proven scientifically to be accurate and valid. There can be no denying that stars and planets’ position has an impact on the energy rays on the planet and thus not only on natural processes like tides but also on humans. This means that people born on a specific time and day will be affected by certain heavenly bodies, thus leading to the Kundali. This makes the matching process scientific completely.
  • Another common myth surrounding kundali matching is that the physical presence of both persons and their parents or family is necessary for the process. This is not the truth anymore. Today, in modern times, just informing the expert or pundit of your birth time, date and place can help them make the kundali of the two people and compare them without you having to be there. This has made Kundli matching much simpler for the families and the potential bride and groom.
  • Sadly, a myth that many people still believe in is that mangal dosh on the kundali can result in a lot of misfortune for both partners. While it cannot be denied that there is a certain disadvantage to having the same on your Kundli, there is nothing that says that couples with one partner having such a kundali will have unsuccessful or unhappy marriages. A Manglik marrying a Non-Manglik can be a very successful marriage with some simple remedies. Your pundit will be able to help you find the best way for your kundali dosh to be removed for you to be happily married in life.
  • Most people are under the impression that Guna Matching or counting marks are all there is to this process, and if the 36 gunas don’t match in a high enough number, then a successful marriage is not possible. This is not the case. Apart from the guna matching, houses and planetary alignments also need to be considered. It is not that if somebody has Guna not matching, they cannot still have a matching kundali or a successful possible marriage ahead.
  • The final myth that needs to be debunked for sure today is that a matched kundali means that the marriage will work no matter what. A marriage is a holy tie between two persons and families. A good kundali matching makes it known that there is an open scope for the marriage to go very well and for there to be happiness amongst the partners. This alone, however, will never be enough. Like any other system, work will be required by both persons, along with respect, commitment, and honesty for the marriage to work. Do not make the mistake of relying only on the matched kundali for your happiness.

With these myths out of the way, you should be better able to understand and appreciate the process that takes place before marriage.

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