Ascendant Aries in Horoscope

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Aries Ascendant – Nature & Personality

I have observed that Aries are ambitious. You will find them always in search of high rank target. To keep themselves busy is their nature. Aries don’t tolerate the interference of anyone in their work. They always ready to play the role of leader whenever requires.

They always come forward to do big work and feel comfortable while carrying the work of great responsibility. If Aries control their anger and curbing the tendency of haste then they may overcome most of their problems.

What is harmful and what is favorable

Aries makes unlimited secret enemies due to their negligent nature.

Everyone like the self-praise but Aries must give special attention towards this. They never sit peacefully even after defeating their enemies.

Enthusiasm and ability to do any hard work is their friend and false flattery is their grave enemy.

For their mean and need Aries even make the Ass their father. They are lucky enough to get the support of their friends and siblings in the hours of need.

Aries get the victory in very bad times only through their courage and strength. They have self-confidence and will power.

Favorable Planets  & Zodiac Signs for Aries

Cancer and Leo people are helpful and supporting. Sagittarius are their good friend. Taurus and Libra people are enemy and Gemini, Virgo are secret enemy.

In the horoscope of Aries Ascendant Taurus & Libra occupy the second and seventh house respectively. In this way Venus becomes the Prabal Markesh (The Planet who Kills). Besides this Mercury is also inauspicious for the Aries ascendant.

Markesh – The Planet who kills

Mercury and Venus are the Marak planet for the Aries ascendant. Mercury and Venus are very inauspicious if they sit together in the Aries ascendant horoscope.

Lucky Color and Gemstone for Aries

I advise the Aries people to never use the dark green and white color. They should never donate the dark green and white object and avoid the use of diamond, Emerald, turquoise and beryl. Ruby and Coral will be very helpful for Aries but I suggest you to consult the specialist before wearing any gem stone.

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