Ascendant Tauras in Horoscope

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Ascendant Taurus – Nature & Personality

Taurus look very calm. Actually they are peace loving people and believe in doing work silently without disturbing anyone. But they look calm & silent externally in fact you will find out that their life very disturb. They love their family very much but don’t show with pomp. They will involve themselves in one or other activity. To sit idle and indulge in gossip is not their nature.

They never get angry if you see them in angry mood then there may be serious situation. Otherwise they are full of patience. You will see their behavior very balanced even when they are angry. But once they get offense from someone then it is very difficult for them to come back in the normal position and their offense and anger will remain for long time. Taurus may bear anything and sacrifice anything in the love matter. They may prove themselves ideal lover or beloved in the love.

You will see that Taurus are generally very kind and noble. They have very positive attitude towards the life. They are very cooperative. No one can deny that they have the power and attraction to impress anyone in the very first meeting. They have very tempting smile free from guile, deceit and trick.

Taurus people start slowly in their life towards goal and ultimately achieve the great success. The people astonished to see their this quality. But except them no one know that the secret of their success is their struggle & effort but they don’t believe in sham and show off.

Taurus Ascendant – What is your weak points

Despite having the impressive personality sometimes they fail in their life due to some shortcoming of their character. Due to very simplicity they fail to achieve big success in business. Taurus are very competent but they hesitate to come forward and don’t accept the challenge. And their hesitation becomes very big problem in the path of success.

As we know that we should not trust anyone immediately but Taurus take more time to make their friend. That’s why sometimes it becomes very difficult to impress them.

When the time comes to take quick decision Taurus always hang behind and some other person take advantage of the opportunity. But Taurus remain successful in their family life.

Good and Bad Planets for Ascendant Taurus

Saturn becomes the most beneficial planet in the Taurus Ascendant. Therefore the use of black and blue color will be good & helpful. Moon and Jupiter becomes Malefic planet for the Taurus. Mars also plays the role of malefic but Jupiter is more & more malefic for  the Taurus so avoid the use of yellow and light color. I would also suggest you to avoid the use of white and red color. Green, black, blue, brown and pink will be very good for you.

Lucky gemstone for Taurus Ascendant

Sapphire in gemstone will suit you. Whenever problem arises in the business then read the Shani Chalisa daily and lit the lamp of sesame oil in the western direction of your house.

The effective remedies for Taurus

If problem arises in the conjugal life then go to Lord Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday and Saturday and offer Paan leaf with Sita Ram written on them.

Turquoise is the best gem for Taurus

I would suggest you to wear the high quality Turquoise in the Saturn or Mercury Dasha. It will helpful in developing your personality and you will be able to know the coming problems and hurdles.

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