Can Astrology Predict a Second Marriage & spouse detail?

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First of all, for a second marriage to happen, the native horoscope should have a temporary affliction to 7th house or the longevity of the first spouse should be in question.

 In astrology 7th house represents marriage, 

2nd house family life and 12th house separation, 

Venus is Planet for marriage, 6th and 8th house are dushthanas.

When 7th lord or house is afflicted with a relationship of 2nd lord, 12th lord, 6th lord and 8th lord, then native may be separated from a spouse during these planets dasha bukti. 

If the affliction is moderate then the separation would be temporary and they will live together after the influencing planet dasha/bukti is over. If the affliction is heavy then they will have permanent separation.

Also, 2nd house indicates Maraka(death), 8th house is 2nd house from 7th house and hence it implies spouse longevity. If the 8th house is afflicted then the spouse may die during that dasha bukti(this should be predicted after analyzing spouse horoscope also to see if there is any risk of life). After this, if the native is running dasha/bukti of 7th lord or Venus then he/she will go for second marriage.

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First, let’s identify why the first marriage may fail. One of the most common reasons why a marriage may fail is Manglik dosh. People who have Manglik Dosh have very strong personalities and it is difficult for a Non-Manglik to adjust with them. This is one of the big reasons for marital issues and that is why divorce may happen in the first marriage.

The second major reason that I have seen is sexual problems such as homosexuality or impotence. People are not honest about their sexual problems before marrying and end up destroying not just their own but even the spouse’s life after marriage.

The third big reason is problems in adjusting with in-laws. Some people are destined to face problems from in-laws and in such cases, they may end up divorcing their spouse.

Next, we have the problem of infidelity and extramarital affairs. Many people don’t leave their girlfriend/boyfriend even after marriage and this becomes a major reason for marital problems.

In all the above cases a precaution worth taking is to do a thorough analysis of both horoscopes before making the final decision of marriage.

Astrological factors responsible for remarriage or second marriage

Ascendant – nature and aptitude,mind and taste, self-identity

2nd house/lord– longevity of spouse, family life

7th house/lord – love and matrimony, lawsuits, wife or husband

9th house/lord- significator of second marriage

Venus – the significator of wife

Jupiter – Significator of husband

Astrological factors responsible for second marriage

7th house/lord

  1. If 7th house/lord falling in dual signs [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces] indicates two marriages.
  2. 7th house falling in evil sign and lord of 7th house occupying a sign of depression or in a condition of retrogression or a malefic joining the 7th house will cause two marriages, but not in the case of the beneficial planet/s aspect
  3. 7th lord fromm ascendant/Moon placed in a dual sign and having conjunction with Venus in birth and navmansha chart indicates two marriages.
  4. Rahu placed in 7th house chance for remarriage increases manifold.
  5. Malefic influences on 2nd and 7th house/lord indicates multiple marriages.
  6. Lords of 7th and 11th house are in conjunction/aspect/quadrant/tr- line indicates more than two marriages.
  7. Two planets placed in 7th house increases the possibility of a second marriage.
  8. Lord of 7th house placed in 4th house or lord of 9th house placed in 7th house indicates second marriage.
  9. Mars in 7th house and Saturn/Rahu in 8th house without having any benefic aspect represents second marriage.
  10. Lord of 7th house placed in 6th/8th/12th house and malefic planets like Saturn/Mars /Rahu occupying 7th house and a weak Venus conjoined with a natural benefic planet indicates the possibility for second marriage.
  11. Mars + Venus placed in 7th house and lord of 7th house placed in 8th house and Saturn posited in 12th house indicates multiple marriages.
  12. Retrograde Jupiter in the 7th with Mars and one of them in debilitation.


  1. Venus falling in Dual sign
  2. Venus occupies a sign of depression or aspected by another malefic indicates two marriages.
  3. Venus placed in the sign of debilitation in birth chart /navmansha chart and conjoin by malefic/s in birth chart
  4. Venus and lord of 7th house falling in dual or common signs in birth chart/ navmansha indicates two spouses.
  5. Venus in the 7th in a moveable sign in the birth chart or in navmansha chart.
  6. Venus falling in even sign and lord of that house placed in exaltation sign indicates remarriage.

When will the second marriage take place?

  1. Second marriage takes place during the Mahadasha /Antardasha of lord of 3rd/9th house or planet/s related to 3rd/9th house/lord.

Here are the planetary combinations for second marriage in the horoscope:

  • The dual sign rising in 7th house
  • 7th lord is placed in dual sign i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
  • Venus in dual sign
  • Influence of malefic planets on 7th house or 7th lord
  • Placement of more than two planets in 11th house.

    When will the second marriage take place?
  • 1- During the Dasha-Bhukti of 9th lord or planet (s) relating to 9th house or lord.
  • During the Dasha-Bhukti of 3rd lord or planet (s) relating to 3rd house or lord.

If the 7th sub-lord is either Mercury or any planet occupying a dual sign or deposited in the constellation of a planet in the dual sign, there will be more then one marriage.

Can Astrology Predict the Second Marriage & Spouse details

The title of this article is in question form so first of all my answer is that yes, off course, astrology predicts the second marriage. I tell in my every article that there are twelve houses in the horoscope and each house represents one or other aspect of life.

The question of second marriage arises when your first marriage broke or spouse died.  

Marriage & Horoscope

Seven houses of the horoscope represents the first marriage & spouse. The second house represents the longevity of the spouse. The Ninth house represents the second marriage and Twelfth house represents the separation apart from the other things.  Besides these houses, sixth & eighth house of the horoscope is not considered good. The Planet Venus represents marriage, sexual pleasure apart from other things. 

Combination or planetary situation responsible for divorce & second marriage

  1. There are many aspects, which may lead to a second marriage, but mainly second & seventh house of the horoscope is responsible for the same. The affliction of second & seventh house gives birth to the marital dispute & problem. I have observed that divorce & second marriage is certain if both the houses are afflicted and not having any beneficial planet or sight of beneficial planet. 
  2. If the lord of the second house or seventh house sits in the sixth house with Saturn then the marriage life not goes smoothly. The legal dispute arises which later turns into the divorce. 
  3. If the lord of the second house or seventh house sits in the eighth house of the horoscope especially in conjunction with Mars & there is no sight of any beneficial planet then spouse met with sudden death and native gets second marriage.    
  4. Venus is the significator of marriage in the men’s horoscope and Jupiter is the significator of marriage in the women’s horoscope. If these planets are afflicted then a marital dispute arises which give birth to the second marriage.  
  5. If Mars sits in the seventh house and Saturn in the eighth house indicates the possibility of a second marriage. 
  6. The placement of Sun & Rahu in seventh house is a clear indication of divorce and second marriage. The reason is that both the planets are saparative planets and by occupying the seventh house they separate the men or women from the spouse. I have mentioned in the beginning that the seventh house represents the first marriage. 
  7. Saturn & Rahu in seventh house also indication of two marriage.
  8. If there are more than two planets in the eleventh house then also I have observed the two marriages of the men & women. 
  9. When the lord of the sixth or eighth house sits in the seventh house of the horoscope of the men then his wife died due to sickness and he gets second marriage. 
  10. When the lord of the first house sits in the seventh house and Saturn sits in the twelfth house then person marries two times or more than two. 
  11. The interchange of lord of Cancer & Libra is also an indication of a second marriage. It means when Moon sits in the Libra sign and Venus sits in the Cancer sign. 
  12. The remarriage of the men & women is seen when Venus is debilitated.