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Ask Any Career Prediction Question – Vedic Astrology Has The Answers

Identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards success. Almost everyone wants to settle down and have a good professional life. However, there may be obstacles in the way that you aren’t even aware of! Astrology helps you identify the problem areas and take actionable measures to improve your present and future. Today I will be talking about Vedic astrology and how it works to predict your career.

How Authentic is Astrology?

It might come as a surprise to many, but Astrology is actually a fully scientific process of understanding the cosmos. The planetary movements and their effects on your person play a major role in deciding your future and explaining your past actions.

Astrology is not an accurate or standardized field, but a study of predictions and deductions. I can only predict or point out the major signs and interpret them. Astrology, therefore, is more about authenticity than accuracy.

With some preliminary information such as your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, I can draw out a chart tracing the planetary positions and make an estimate about your careers. Prediction of profession by birth date is reliable, and an ancient science you can trust. Here’s a quick list of all that’s possible for astrology to predict about your career:

  • Career choice based on date of birth
  • Suitability for career versus personal business
  • Best possible geographical location for career
  • Chances of government job based on horoscope

Let me tell you more.

How Does Vedic Astrology help in Career predictions?

In ancient times, choosing a career was a simple and straightforward decision thanks to the varna system. The rules for choosing your profession was already pre-decided depending on the family you were born into. However, with the changing times, the caste divides have become a lot more flexible and permeable. The question is – How can we predict job change in Vedic astrology?

Can astrology predict my career?

Today, people have more scope and a wide range of professions to choose from. With Vedic astrology, I would try to pinpoint some special areas for you that you might have an inclination for. It considers the planetary positions at the time of your birth and designs a chart to paint a picture of your destiny. 

Career prediction by date of birth – Indian Astrology to Your Help

It doesn’t matter if you are currently unemployed or stuck in a job you’re dissatisfied with, I have a solution for all your woes and worries. All I need is your date and time of birth for compiling a full-fledged chart comprising planetary houses, their positions and their impact on your career.

Astrology is not merely figuring out which house a particular planet sits in but also what it really implies. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that each planet has its own aura and influence. There are both good and bad planets, and I can give you some simple solutions in case you have an obstacle in your career path.

Geographical Location for Career Prediction

Another way of determining the immediate future of your professional life is making an astrology prediction chart based upon your geographical location. This takes into consideration a third element- the place of birth along with your birthday and time.

From making major changes in career pathways to shifting your workspace or getting a promotion at your current position – my astrology report can predict all these events and more. I also have a list of solutions for people who are looking for professional growth, financial gains, and educational opportunities. 

Business or Job – Which is Better for You? 

There are some people who are naturally inclined towards business, while others who are comfortable with the 9-5 jobs and reporting to a boss. This inclination is also a result of your planetary positions. There are times when someone who doesn’t have a flair for commerce tries to venture into business only to fail miserably.

Indian Astrology To Predict Success in Job and Business

With Vedic astrology, I can help you make the right choice. Looking at your birth chart, I can give you a clear prediction about your future course of action- i.e. whether you are more suitable for a job or business.

I also give advice to people about what is the right time to change their jobs and which field would be the most lucrative for them professionally.

Career Prediction for Government Job  

Your date of birth plays an important role in determining your rashee and ultimately what your destiny holds for you. These days everyone wants a government job, at least in India.

Although not many of us are fortunate enough to land up in a high-paying government position. My govt job prediction by date of birth and time will help you understand which sector is best suited to your strengths and weaknesses.

Numerology is another branch of astrology that considers a specific number calculated upon your birth-date. This number can then help numerologists predict the course of your career. 

Career Prediction for Financial Position, Increments and Professional Life

My astrological predictions are not just limited to advice on the type of sector one can apply for. With my charts I can form a detailed report for the clients and tell them all about their financial position, position in the company, chances of increments and promotions and overall job satisfaction from the field they’ve chosen. This would give you a comprehensive idea about what to expect in your immediate professional future.

What are the Best Career Prediction Websites Online?

Finding a reliable astrological platform is not an easy task. There are several blogs and self-proclaimed astrologers on the internet that offer generic guesses under the guise of vedic astrologycareer predictionfree services. Then, there are career prediction apps as well. Once you go through these general predictions, you naturally wonder – Can astrology predict my career?

Whom Should You Trust for Reliable Career Predictions?

I recommend a more personalized approach, and believe that you should only trust someone who’s willing to offer deep consultations, question-answers, and regular follow ups, to make sure you get the best benefits.  

Other Career Prediction Questions That I Answer

Apart from these, I offer you complete answers to several frequently asked questions related to career predictions, such as:

  • When will I get a job?
  • Is it right for me to change my job?
  • Which industry is best for me?
  • What should I do to be more successful at my job?

Astrology always helps in career

With astrology predictions and solutions, you can resolve even the most serious doshas and obstacles in your way. Of course, it doesn’t negate the importance of your karma and its impact. Your choices and your expectations are what ultimately pave the way to what’s in store for you. If you have any queries or doubts about your careers you can email me or contact me via phone and get a solution for all your troubles.

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