Does Manglik Yog cancel after marriage breakup?

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There are too many misconceptions in our society about Manglik Yoga. People believe a lot in astrology, but they lack the right information about astrology. For this reason, wrong and misleading things are accepted as true. I will try to give you correct and logical information about astrology.

Manglik Yoga Rules

We call any man or woman Manglik when in his horoscope, Mars sits in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. Manglik Dosha originates from the presence of Mars in the above-mentioned houses of the horoscope. The presence of Mars in these places has a lot of influence on the person and his spouse. Manglik dosha is considered bad for the following reason: –

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People affected by Mars are courageous and angry. When they are determined to do something, no one can stop them. Being courageous, angry and stubborn, even the attraction of the opposite sex does not stop them from achieving their goals. Due to these reasons, a man who is unable to reconcile with his spouse and conflicts in the household increases tension. This results in divorce, separation and in many cases death. However, when both husband and wife are manglik, then both of them manage to adjust by their nature.

Cancelation of Manglik Yog after breakup of marriage

No, Manglik dosh does not cancel after the breakup of first marriage. As far as Manglik yoga is concerned after marriage, Manglik person’s Mangal Dosh never ends, Manglik means, a person is born with the presence of Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope, the person remains Manglik forever. The biggest remedy is that the Manglik person should be married to the Manglik. Manglik Yog never cancels after the breakup of marriage.


Finally, I would say that if you are Manglik and are looking for a life partner, then my advice is to not make the most important decision of your life without horoscope matching. If you are going to get married, without any hesitation send us the horoscope of you and your life partner or give us the time and place of birth. We will tell you whether you are Manglik or not and besides if you are already married and Manglik and facing difficulties in life you can contact us. We will tell you the correct solution after examining your horoscope.

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