Benefits of matching Gun before arrange or Love Marriage. Gun Milan by Name Report

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Through the article presented, I want to tell you that marriage is an important phase of our life. The marriage decision should be taken thoughtfully and with much consideration. Because it is related not only with the life of a boy and a girl but also with the two families. Therefore, horoscope match making must be done before marriage.

Marriage, whether it is a love or arrange, there are no demerits of horoscope matchmaking but only advantages. Horoscope matching is an amazing method for marriage based on 36 marks of Ashtakoot method. We should be grateful to our sages and be bowed down to their knowledge.

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Following are the advantages of horoscope matching: –

Varna Milan – The Varna given in the horoscope of both boy and girl are compared. Marriage should not be done if the Varna is not found positive in this comparison. In spite of negative Varna If, the marriage is performed then the bride and groom will not get marital happiness in their life.

Vasya Milan – The horoscope of both the boy and the girl contains information about the Vasya. The given vasya in the horoscope of both are compared. If the vasya are according to the rule of astrology then marriage is permitted. On the positive vasya, then love and attraction in the bride and groom remain throughout the life, and if the vasya does not match then there will be the absence of love and attraction after marriage. Their life will be full of dispute throughout life.

Tara – There are nine types of nine Tara. We come to know about the destiny of the Tara. 

Yoni – All twenty-eight constellations are categorized into fourteen animals. In the horoscope, the Yoni is allocated based on the birth constellation. The given yoni in the horoscope of Boy and girl are compared during horoscope matchmaking. If the yoni of the bride and groom is the same, then marriage is permitted. They will lead a happy married life and will get the best progeny. However, if the yoni is not matched and yoni of both is opposite then marriage should not be done. Suppose they have opposite yoni, such as cat and rat, they get married then they will keep fighting with each other during their whole life and there will be a difficulty also in getting children.

Planetary Friendship or Grah Maitri– Under this, the zodiac signs of bride and groom are checked. The zodiac of both the boy & girl is compared. If the lord of both zodiac signs is friends with each other, then marriage should be done. Their married life will be full of happiness and prosperity. However, if the lord planets of both the bride and groom are hostile to each other and still they get married, then there will be a difference of opinion after marriage and marital life is discordant.

Gana Maitri – Based on Janma Nakshatra, individuals are divided into Dev Gana, Rakshasa Gana and Manushya Gana. People with different Ganas have a different nature. Therefore, it should be ensured during the horoscope matchmaking that the Gana of the boy and girl is the same. If the marriage is done in the same Gana, then there is complete happiness of marriage. The marriage of Dev Gana and Manushya Gana is also permitted, but the person of the Rakshasa Gana should be married in the Rakshasa Gana itself.

Bhakoot – Bhakoot refers to the difference in the zodiac. There are six types of Bhakoot mentioned in the zodiac signs. By calculating the zodiac of both the boy and the girl, the difference between them is seen. If the difference between the bride and bridegroom’s zodiac is second and twelfth, ninth-fifth, sixth-eighth then it is considered inauspicious and not advised to marry. If the difference between the two zodiac signs is first-seventh, third-eleventh, fourth-tenth, then it is considered auspicious and marriage should be done. The auspiciousness of Bhakoot leads to wealth, children and health after marriage, but in spite of inauspicious Bhakoot, if marriage is done then wealth, health, children are destroyed.

Nadi – Nadi is divided into three types, based on the Nakshatra at the time of the birth of the person. Aadi Nadi, Madhya Nadi and Antya Nadi. During the Horoscope match making, comparison of Nadi given in the horoscope of a boy and a girl is done and not advised to marry if it is found that both have the same Nadi. The reason for this is that by marrying in the same Nadi, the health and fertility of the husband and wife are reduced, that is, the chances of getting children are less.

Conclusion – From the information given above you would have understood that how much important is Guna Milan before marriage. If you do the Guna Milan timely, you will be able to take appropriate decision timely.  If you are going to get married and want Guna Milan report then don’t hesitate to contact us.