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There are two type of Gun Milan. First is gun milan by name only and 2nd is Gun Milan by date of birth only but I am going to share the info about both in the present articles. First thing first. Choose what you want…

The Gun Milan or Kundali Milan is a process before marriage in Hindus. In this process for compatibility check boy and girl horoscope matching is done by astrologer. In this process astrologer collect the points which is based on Nakshatras. Out of 36 the minimum required points are 18. If the score of gun milan is more than 18 the match considered good.

Fact about Gun Milan (kundli Match)

The problem is not matchmaking but the problem is such matchmakers who search on the internet about gun milan and they will find so many websites having software to calculate the gun milan by date of birth.

This is not play or kind of entertainment. But most of the people just get the score of gun milan (above 18) and they just close their eyes.

If Gun milan score is lower than 18

If the score of gun milan is below 18 most of the software’s will not recommend you to marry. There are a lot of people in this world who have gun milan score below 18 points and still they are happy with their married life. This is not necessary that the score of gun milan should be above 18.

If Gun Milan Score is more than 18

Most of the astrologers or software’s will say ok if your gun milan score is more than 18. But there are a lot of people in this world who have gun milan score above 18 to 20 and even 22 but still they have problems in their married life. The maximum score is good but not sure that the match is still compatible.

If Gun Milan Score is 36 out of 36

The software’s will strongly recommend the marriage if the score of gun milan is 36 out of 36. This is good but some astrologers will say no. These contradictory things decrease your interest from astrology. In fact if you have gun milan score 36 out of 36 this is not guarantee of your happy married life. Our study says 22% people who got divorced within 11 months of marriage they had score of gun milan 36 out of 36.

Here are some factors who change the game.

  • If your spouse has just 10 points in gun milan you must have a powerful planet in 7th house of your horoscope.
  • If you dont have such powerful planet in 7th house of your horoscope then your partner must have the same.
  • The aspect of Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury on 7th house gives the love and affection. If this exists in your horoscope or in your partner’s horoscope you could marry even if you have less than 15 points in Gun Milan.
  • If 7th house has planet in self house there is nothing to worry for gun milan even below 10 points.
  • If boy and girl both are born in same ascendant or the moon sign is same the Nadi Dosh get cancelled. You can plus the seven point more.
  • If boy and girl has same nakshatra born, same moon sign or same ascendant, more than one factor in these things if exists the match is perfect.

There are some factors which we should follow in kundli milan. Other than the above points you will have a lot of reason why you love your partner. The reasons must be in your horoscope. The affection and love comes naturally and the love is not dependent upon horoscope. If God has given you a life partner there must be a reason. We should match horoscope manually not with the help of software. This will definitely change the game.


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