Horoscope Matching Aries vs Aries

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People born under Aries sign are quite aggressive and they are very much passionate. While these traits are desirable, Aries people witness considerable fluctuations in their behavior. At a particular moment, they have too much passion to achieve their goal, and after some time, they lose their zeal to pursue it. Their anger is also just like this- they get angry but the anger disappears in a very short time.

In any relationship, mutual understanding and dedication is important.  Aries have an excellent understanding but their sense of loyalty and willingness to sacrifice depends on their mood. That is why disputes and quarrels occur frequently and if the partner or spouse is also an Aries, then none of them will be ready to compromise.

Individuals born under Aries sign cannot endure humiliation at all.  Further, they are adamant on their views and expressions. That is why a person born in Aries cannot get along well with another Aries if any one of them is under the influence of either Moon or Jupiter.  Hence, if both are having their moon’s zodiac sign as Aries then the sun’s zodiac sign of any one of them should either be Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer.

Therefore, the matching of the horoscope of an Aries with another Aries is not auspicious. Both the Aries will quarrel after marriage and the disputes will keep on continuing.


Fasting on Monday is beneficial for couples born under Aries sign. Consider wearing Pearl gemstone to counter negative influences and for witnessing productive results.

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