Horoscope Matching Aries VS Cancer

Published by Ashok Prajapati on

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Aries natives are ruled by Mars, the planet of raw impulse, strength, primordial energy and aggression. On the other hand, Cancer natives are ruled my Moon, hence are emotional in nature, their thoughts remain in the state of constant movement, just like tides and ripples of an ocean.

Aries natives are full of vitality, always eager to explore, and propound radical theories. They display boundless energy, raw passion and warrior spirit. They are commanding and dominating in their general behaviour and outlook.

On the contrary, Cancer natives are sensitive, imaginative and talkative. They have a natural fondness for imagining things. They dwell in their own fantasy world, and their perpetual existence is governed by the stream of their extravagant thoughts, just like ‘Alice in the wonderland’.

The natural relationship between Mars and Moon is that of exclusive mutual friendship. Hence, if married, the natives stay in a zone of natural compatibility and bliss with each other. Cancer natives are more indrawn in their thoughts and stay in a virtual world, and Mars natives are more world-oriented, practically savvy people. Both of them get easily provoked, but their anger is not long-lasting, which is a good point for compatibility of a marriage.

Both of them harbour good thoughts for people, and society in general, and have deep hatred for deceptive, cunning people.

Kundali matching of any marriage horoscope must be done with a background thought that if Mars native marries with Cancer native, it is symbolic of union of fire with water. This holds true as Mars is ruled by fire element and Cancer is ruled by water element. It clearly explains the difference of their temperaments and attitudes toward life.



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