Horoscope Matching Aries VS Capricorn

Published by Ashok Prajapati on

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Aries natives are friendly, courageous, love to lead from the front, but do not trust others or rely on other easily.

Capricorn natives, ruled by Saturn, on the other hand are friendly in nature, and tend to be inclusive in attitude, assimilating everyone that comes across their paths in benignity. Capricorn natives are appreciated for their knowledge and wisdom. However, they are difficult to yield to the tactics of bossism, and hence not able to work in an inferior position to anyone.

For an example, if the employer is Aries native and the employee is a Capricorn, the boss will expect complete dutiful submission from the employee, while the employee, under the influence of Capricorn, will not like to take orders and follow them verbatim. This will lead to a check-mate situation in which the expectations get entangled to make any further progress almost impossible. Such unaccommodating and unyielding attitudes are suicidal for seamless progression of a marital relationship.

Capricorn natives like to talk freely, enjoy the finer things in life, laugh at the pleasantries, and celebrate the essence of their existence. Aries individuals are alien to such behavior patterns and start developing unfounded, baseless suspicions about their Capricorn partners. Horoscope matching reveals Capricorn natives to be prone to mood swings; they may remain in euphoric state of mind for some time, switching to aloofness without an obvious cause soon after, thus making their emotional states unpredictable and difficult to comprehend by Aries individuals.

Also Capricorn natives are deceitful, schemers, hypocrites, and manipulating. Aries natives find it difficult to deal with persons harbouring such negative traits. If Aries individuals come under influence of Saturn, Mercury, Venus, then their compatibility with Capricorn will flourish, or otherwise it will be utterly futile.

No matter their inherent natures are radically different, divorce is rare in such conjugal relationships. Separation is quite possible between them as both of them live in their own spheres, keeping themselves restricted in their own inner spaces and social milieu, without interfering in each other’s domains of influence and action. This is sort of an unsaid treaty between them, an accord that helps keeping the force of life flowing in the marital relationship.



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