Horoscope Matching Aries VS Leo

Published by Ashok Prajapati on

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Aries natives are naturally compatible with Leo natives as both the signs are ruled by fire element. Also the Lord of Aries, Mars, and the Lord of Leo, Sun, are mutual friends, thus shovelling the path for a mutually beneficial and easygoing relationship.

Natives of both the signs have ‘rajasik guna’ or majestic traits. They are immensely talented people, not afraid of anything or easily conquerable. They are always on their toes to identify and catch hold of new opportunities, and it comes naturally to them to accept any sort of challenges. They believe in doing hard work and getting their works done. Since both of them share alike attitude, they feel the natural bonding or attraction toward each other. It is common for these natives to smile at each other without even knowing each other; such is the vision of the person’s ethereal body that it identifies the person’s deep proclivities without even knowing him formally, in the physical world.

They share rich bonding, abundant harmony and exemplary sort of a relationship mutually. Any horoscope matching must be done with a spiritual and intuitive knowledge of planets. Sun being the king of the planets dominates Mars (the knight, or the senapati); however, this domination is not pushed forcefully from Leo native to Aries native. Acceptance of this domination from Leo natives comes naturally to Aries natives, as an emblem of their core role of their relationship. Natural acceptance of their roles makes this relationship a harmonious one for the natives.



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