Horoscope Matching Aries VS Libra

Published by Ashok Prajapati on

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Libra natives are ruled by Venus, and Aries natives have Mars as the Lord of their sign. Both have overlapping attitudes and outlooks of independence, determination, discipline, and are open minded.

Aries natives believe in impulsive, but clear speech. They do not hesitate to put their thoughts in words and communicate their direct feelings in coherent manner. Librans, on the contrary, introspect much before shaping their thoughts into words. Librans, by nature, are generally thankless for favours done over them as they consider such acts to be their innate right. Aries natives, on the other hand, expect feedback for their actions and emotions from the other person. As they fail to get the kind of behaviour they truly feel they deserve, they turn harsh and insular to Librans.

They live together not in a typical conjugal manner, but their relationship is more of a formal, professional one in which elements of bitterness reside deep inside. Horoscope matching of such natives reveal that just like business partners or professional partners choose to do certain acts together and remain bound by a relationship, even though the personal affinity or liking is totally absent for each of them.

Aries natives speak their minds and hearts without giving their feelings any artificial colour, while the Librans refine their feelings, weigh the consequences, circumspect the causality and finality of events, and then speak. The viability of marriage between such natives depends over elements of Venus and Mars. If Aries native has profound strength of Mars, and Libra native has exceedingly powerful Venus, then chances of separation are imminent. However, if Aries native has certain Venus effect, and Libra native has Mars effect, then balance could be established in a way that they continue to live together, though not being in the same mental plane that an ideal conjugal relationship thrives upon.



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