Horoscope Matching Aries VS Virgo

Published by Ashok Prajapati on

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Virgo natives are ruled by Mercury, and Mars natives are ruled by Mars. There exists practically no chemistry of friendly relationship between them, as Mars and Mercury are mutual enemies. Aries natives represent flamboyance, style, extravagance and determination of supreme level, whereas Virgo natives are all about absolute simplicity, grounded attitude, and self-consciousness. Virgo natives do not appreciate the energy-filled, aggressive, extrovert nature of the Aries natives.

Aries natives love to perform daredevilry, take bold steps, meet people, dominate others, and indulge in courageous acts.

Virgo natives are shy and old-fashioned, who need time and patience to be able to get into the skin of any matter or relationship. If they are not provided adequate time, space and opportunity in a relationship, they prefer turning themselves inwards, opting to remain non-communicative with their partner.

Virgo natives don’t like to be the subject of domineering nature. They value being listened to, and for them, their heart-felt feelings, soft nature and self-esteem must be respected and reciprocated by their partner, which they don’t find in the Mars native, hence develop bitterness for them.

If Husband is born in Virgo and the wife has Aries ascendant, the husband would be dominated by the wife, owing to submissive nature of Virgo and magisterial nature of Aries. If such a marriage culminates, the Aries native would continue to dominate the relationship. In case, Aries native is husband with added aspect of masculine planets, and the Virgo native is wife with added aspect of female planets, the relationship would be far off from equilibrium and chances of divorce or separation would be ripe.



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