Horoscope Matching by Name and date of birth

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So this is about Horoscope Matching by Name and date of birth because you It has been seen many times that you do not get along with your partner. There are some people whose names do not match with each other. Life goes on fighting with each other.

Even when there was no friendship between two people, yet they get attracted towards each other only after the first meeting. How many times have you seen this happen? That is, how many couples were united by the first meeting.

An Example of a Name missmatch

There was real love between Anil and Neeta but when Anuj who was Anil’s friend used to smile on seeing her. Neeta used to talk more happily to Anuj than to Anil. Later it happened that Anil got angry and the quarrel escalated. Anil and Neeta got separated from each other but what Anil feared happened.

Later both of them got married and got divorced after eleven months. Anil married Neeta and till date both of them have the same love as before. Anil and Neeta are the facts of life.

The spellings of Anil and Neeta’s names were like this.
And the spelling of Anuj’s name was more similar to that of Nita. But as long as Neeta and Anuj were only friends, the attraction was there. When the two got married, this attraction vanished as the date of birth of Neeta and Anuj did not match towards each other.

Your Name Spelling & Compatibility

Being attractive is common but being compatible is not common. This is the story of every household. This happens with everyone. It may happen that a person looks good in the first meeting but this is a temporary relationship. Once a love affair or friendship turns into a relationship, the process of your reconciliation begins in which you can be successful or unsuccessful.

Horoscope matching by date of birth and name

If there is a sense of trust and harmony, sacrifice, dedication in a relationship, then the relationship lasts long. In the absence of tolerance, even a single slap leads to divorce. And it all depends on the married couple’s name matching and date of birth or horoscope matching.

Foregiveness and compatibility solution

How Name numerology and date of birth works in horoscope matching

Let us now explain how numerology and date of birth work. Every name has a number and every date of birth also has a number. When these two are compatible with each other, luck favors you. It works from person to person when they are in a relationship with each other. It works with its math when the relationship leads to a lasting relationship. This math is calculated by expert astrologers in numerology. You can learn it too but you will need experience to try it on yourself. Contact expert for accuracy.

How name numerology and date of birth works in horoscope matching.
This images has names and date of birth of a couple. This is best method of horoscope compatibility & matching.

Perfect Horoscope Matching by name & date of birth

If for some reason there is a lack of attraction in your relationship, then there can be simple solutions. You must have seen that some people in Indian society changed the name of their wife after marriage. Although the change in the name of the girl comes automatically due to the change of surname, but still people want to keep their relationship strong in this way. It is necessary to keep the relationship strong, whether you take the help of astrology or create will power within yourself, both mediums are effective.

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