Horoscope Matching Taurus

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The ascendants of Tauras zodiac sign are quite calm and courteous in nature and the nature of their partner does not have much impact on them.  But the way the bulls behave, same goes with the ascendants of this zodiac sign as well. If they are teased a lot then the anger is devastating. We are here with the details of horoscope matching of Taurus with other zodiac signs:

Compatibility Taurus vs Aries:

The people of Taurus zodiac sign are calm in nature while the Aries people are aggressive in nature. If married, these people will not like each other and there will be less cooperation in relation. If Aries people do not take initiative for compromise then these two zodiac signs could not live happily together.

Compatibility Taurus vs Taurus:

If ascendants of same zodiac sign are married to each other than nothing is there to worry. But both partners will not be decisive in nature that will take away several opportunities. If married with each other, ascendants of this zodiac sign need to take initiative else others will win the game.

Compatibility Taurus vs Gemini:

The Gemini people are clever and greedy in nature. If Gemini and Taurus people are married to each other than relationship is very intimate and they cooperate with each other and also understand the partner. They have several things in common that makes relation successful.

Compatibility Taurus vs Cancer:

Both of them are quite, gentle and polite in nature but differ a lot in emotions. Taurus does not express emotions while Cancer is highly emotional. Both these people can neither be good friends nor enemies as Cancer people compromise with situations.

Compatibility Taurus vs Leo:

Relation of these two zodiac signs is not favorable due to rivalry between Venus and Sun. There is no cooperation for each other. The Leo people are lazy in nature but want others to do the job. This is the reason of conflict between them.

Compatibility Taurus vs Virgo:

This is a good match. Both the people will try to learn from each other and make efforts to be like the other person. This will make the relation successful.

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Compatibility Taurus vs Libra:

These are two facets of same coin and can live together with love and understanding in the relation. This is therefore a preferable match.

Compatibility Taurus vs Scorpio:

Both these people try to command the relation that causes differences. They try to make things easy and become compatible but problems persist.

Compatibility Taurus vs Sagittarius:

One can trust on Sagittarius people as they are reliable in nature. These two people do not fight with each other. Sagittarius are little loud in nature but cooperate with Taurus.

Compatibility Taurus vs Capricorn:

Capricorn people are friendly in nature. Saturn and Venus cooperate with each other and therefore these two people will understand each other and relation will be successful.

Compatibility Taurus vs Aquarius:

They both complement each other and live with understanding and love. If husband is working then wife take care of family and if wife is working then husband is there to take responsibility.

Compatibility Taurus vs Pisces:

They both are calm in nature but differ in their personality and taste. still nothing is to worry as they both live together without much problem.