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When you have a marriage proposal in which everything is fine but horoscope is not matching our Horoscope Matching report will give you a detailed analysis with a positive attitude. We will find out if there is any hope of marriage with a person of your choice. But after all, this depends upon the horoscope analysis.

You will be requested to provide birth details of boy and girls for horoscope matching. Here is what you will get in your Detailed Horoscope Matching Report.

Nature and General things about you

In this section, we will explain about your nature as per your zodiac sign, ascendant, nakshatra & as per your planets. The same thing about your partner as well. This is just to know how is the person you are going to marry with. His habits, behavior, attitude personality and interest. This will help you to know the basic about your partner.

Married life together

If you marry with this person how will be your married life. If there are chances of any kind of relationship issues we will clear in this section. If there are any kind of separation or divorce the reason behind and every possible solution will be explained. This section will also have the interpretation about your family atmosphere. How will be your relation with your in-laws.

Progeny Prediction

What your planet says about kids. How will be your kids after marriage. If there is any kind of progeny issues the report will also have solutions.

Will you get married with your love or not..?

If the requested match is your love, this section will have a clear interpretation about your marriage type i.e. this relationship will convert in marriage or not.

Gun Milan Score & Recommendations

How many gun matches between you and your partner. Is there any kind of Dosha like Nadi Dosha or Bhakoot Dosha we will explain the cause status and solution for the same.

Final words of Horoscope Match Report

In this section, we will tell our opinion about your horoscope matching. If there is any kind of solution remedies we will give you the same. In short, this report will help you to decide whether to consider this match or not.

The cost for horoscope matching report is 2700 1100 Rs.

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People Also Asks

Question. I love a boy. Will I marry with him?

Answer. If you want to check it whether you will get married with your love or someone else you can check your D9 chart in your horoscope. This chart has all the details about your partner. The features of your partner will be there for example …

  • Life partner by look, appearance & personality.
  • Life partner’s profession.
  • Life partner’s family.
  • Financial position of your life partner.
  • Life partner’s career details.

This chart should match with the person you love. Like if you have Saturn in D9 chart your life partner will be engineer or technical person. He might be in science or similar field. There are a lot of fields comes under Saturn so if your partner to whom you love is in such fields it means your horoscope is matching with him.

We check other factors as well to answer this question that your marriage will happen with your love or not.

Q. My horoscope is not matching with my partner what to do?
Answer. Your horoscope matching or not this is not a 2 min job. If your horoscope planets are not connected with each other how did you met? There is always a reason why you met with your love in your horoscope and in your life. The first reason is you attract each other due to some planetary position only. Sometimes your zodiac sign is same and sometimes your moon sign, Nakshatra, Lord of Moon, Sun, Ascendant Sign is same or if anything is not matching your relationship will not continue for long. In this report this is to be analysed how much your horoscope matching or not matching.

Q. What happens if Gun Milan points are below 10?
Answer.  Sometimes it happens that your zodiac sign is opposite to your partner’s zodiac sign. Even your Nakshatra is also opposite of your parnter’s Nakshatra. In such situation your horoscope match score will be too low. But it does not mean that you cannot marry but if your planet somewhere in horoscope connected with each other’s planet there is a hope that you can marry. In very rare cases our horoscope does not match with our partner.