36 Gun! How many guns should match for a good marriage according to Astrology?

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How many guns should match for a good marriage according to Astrology?

A total of 36 Gunas have been enumerated in Vedic astrology. I am going to explain in detail about the horoscope matchmaking. Once you get complete information about this subject, you will know how many numbers or gun are required to be matched for a successful marriage.

Ashtakoot method is very popular in the Vedic astrology for bridegroom horoscope match making. As it is clear from its name, Ashtakut means eight. Eight titles are considered for marriage matchmaking under the Ashtakoot method. That’s why “eight” has been added to the title of this method.

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36 Gun Explained

Following are the names of the subjects to be considered under this method. The qualities of a  bride and groom are matched under each subject. Maximum number of Gun is 36.

  1. Varna – If the match of Varna is positive in the horoscopes of the bride and groom, then one mark.  
  2. Vasya -If the match of the bride is positive in the horoscope of the bride and groom, then two marks.
  3. Tara – In the horoscope of brides and brides, if Tara’s match is positive then three marks. 
  4. Yoni – If the match of Yoni is positive in the horoscope of bride and groom, then four marks.
  5. Planet Friendship – If the planet friendship is positive in the horoscopes of bride and groom, then five marks.
  6. Gana Maitri – 6 marks if the matching of Gana Maitri is positive in the horoscope of bride and groom
  7. Bhukut – 7 marks if the matching of Bhakoot is positive in the horoscope of bride and groom.
  8. Nadi – 8 marks in the horoscope of the bride and bridegroom, if the matching of the Naadi is positive

In this way, when the eight topics under the Ashtakoot are matched, the sum of the total marks is thirty-six. Through horoscope matching, we do not conduct any examination that we should get maximum marks or average marks or passing marks. If the ideal situation is explained then thirty-six gun out of thirty-six should be matched. Eight out of the eight parts of the Ashtakut method is very important, if one part of the Ashtakoot method is not matched or is not completely matched then you will have lacked that thing in your married life.


Varna – There are four Varna in Indian scriptures. These four Varna are – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. The twelve zodiac signs are divided into four Varna. Brahmin is considered the best. After that Kshatriya, then Vaishya and Shudra are considered the lowest. Under Melapak, if the Varna of the groom is superior to the bride’s Varna, then one score is obtained. The belief behind this is that the husband should be superior to the wife.


Vashya – Vashya shows us the love between husband and wife. The 12 zodiac signs are divided into five vasya. These five vasya are – binomial, quadrupedal, insect, forested, and aquatic. Among these, we consider the attitude, friendliness, hostility, devotion. If the groom’s vashya is better than the bride’s vashya, then 2 marks otherwise zero.


Tara – Tara reveals the fate of the bride & groom. Tara’s are of nine types. They are auspicious or inauspicious. If the Tara of both the bride and groom is auspicious, then 3 marks are obtained.


Yoni is responsible for sexual relations and children. The Yoni is fixed based on constellations. The yoni is defined on the basis of fourteen types of animals. If there is an enmity between the bride and the groom’s yoni, then zero marks and if the yoni is equal, then four marks are obtained.


Grahmaitari – The Grah Maitri suggests that between husband and wife, there will be a friend-like behavior or an enemy-like behavior. There should be friendship between the planets of the bride and groom. There should be friendship between the bride and the groom’s zodiac signs. If planetary friendship is auspicious, Five marks are obtained. 

Gana Maitri

Gana Maitri – Based on the birth constellation, gods gan, demons gan, humans gan are determined. Six points are given if the Gana of bride and groom are equal. This is a good situation for a marriage. The marriage of god gan and demons gan, demons gan and humans gan is not considered good.


Bhakut – Difference between the zodiac sign are called Bhakoot. If this difference is auspicious, then seven marks otherwise zero. If Bhakoot is auspicious, money, children, health, etc. are obtained, otherwise, all three are destroyed.


Naadi – There are three types of Naadi. Aadi naadi, Middle naadi, Antya naadi. There are eight marks of naadi matching. Marriage should never be done in the same naadi. If all the remaining qualities are found but the naadi is the same, then marriage should not be done. Through naadi, we consider the progeny in marital life. There are problems in getting progeny & in family life due to naadi defects.

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After getting all this information, you must have understood that your marital life shall be successful & full of happiness only when if you match the horoscope correctly & get the full thirty-six marks. Apart from this, you would have known from your experience that nowadays if these things are not given any importance, then the people are also not leading a happy life. We daily see cases of marriage breakdown, divorce, relationship with a third person after marriage, killing spouse etc.

Finally, if you are going to get married, then the marriage should be done only by matching the horoscope and there should be 36 Gun out of 36. In this regard, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.