How are horoscopes matched for marriage?

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When it comes to marriages in India, Kundali matching plays a significant role. According to Hindu scriptures, marriage is a holy union that was written even before an individual‘s birth. It is one of the life-changing moments of your life, and therefore nobody wants to ruin it. Let’s see how to how to check horoscope matching.

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Everybody looks for the right partner with whom they can live their lives happily forever. It is no news that people want a perfect partner for themselves. In Hindu culture, the birth chart or Kundali of the girl and the boy are matched before calling it an alliance. This is to check the compatibility and also to nullify any negativity that would affect their marriage. You can also consider it a love matching. Astrologers also provide and offer them numerous solutions and remedies in case there is a malefic Dosha in either of or both of their charts.

Once their Kundali is matched, and the solutions are given and followed, the bride and the groom are all set for a happy alliance.

Have you ever wondered how only is matched? Does this quick matching work? What does it take for an astrologer to give their approval or disapproval? How are some partnerships predicted to be a success or struggle? All the answers come down to one and term- Ashtakoot Milan, a significant part of Guna Milan. This means eight aspects of gunas are taken into consideration to know your future marital situation.

Horoscope Matching Process


This indicates the spiritual compatibility of the girl and boy with respect to their ego levels. It is segregated into four categories- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. Maximum points- 1


It indicates the control in the marital alliance, attraction, and equation between the couple. This is divided into five kinds- Manav (human), Vanchar (wild animals), Chatushpad (small animals), jalchar (sea animals), Keet (insects). Maximum points- 2


It is the Nakshatra compatibility and destiny. There is a total of 27 Nakshatras (birth stars). Maximum points- 3


It calculates the sexual compatibility, mutual love, and intimacy levels between the couple. Yoni is divided among 14 animals- Deer, elephant, Snake, Horse, Sheep, cat, buffalo, rat, tiger, dog, cow, mongoose, monkey, lion. Maximum points- 4

Graha Maitri

It measures the affection, friendship, and bond of the couple. It includes the moon sign compatibility as well. Maximum points- 5


This indicates the temperament and behavior. Nakshatras are separated into three categories- Deva (God), Manava (human), and Rakshasa (Demon). Maximum points- 6. These points will help you a lot to know how to check horoscope matching.


The emotional compatibility and love are checked between the couple. The planetary positions of the boy’s birth chart and girl’s birth chart are compared and analyzed. If the moon in the girl’s birth chart is placed in second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth houses from the partner’s birth chart, it would be auspicious, and if it’s placed in twelfth, then it’s inauspicious. In the case of the boy, If the moon is placed in second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth house from the partner’s house, it is not considered good. If it is the seventh and twelfth house, then it is auspicious. Maximum points- 7


It is concerned with genes and overall health. This is divided into three parts- Aadi Nadi, Madya Nadi, and Antya Nadi. Maximum points- 8

This makes the total points to be 36. Depending on the score, your alliance will be scored.

  • 32-36: an excellent match
  • 24- 32: a very good match
  • 18-24: Average match
  • 0-18: not recommended

All in all, Kundali matching is the Guna Milan based on the aspects mentioned above. That being said, you must consider an astrologer to keep the other aspects in mind.

Other than this horoscope matching with the depth of details of the planetary position is also a separate process.

Horoscope Matching as per planets

Second Marriage in Astrology

Your birth details & your partner’s birth details are essential for horoscope matching. Next, we calculate the planets of both boy and girl. The Planetary combinations will surely have the indications whether you have a connection with each other in the horoscope. A connection that indicates you are made for each other. This calculation is a deep analysis of your horoscopes to determine the reason for happiness. We analyze the longevity & prosperity, happiness & love, affection for each other in your horoscopes. This process takes time & we strongly recommend you apply for a horoscope matching report before you get married to your soul mate. I hope this article will help you to find out how to check horoscope matching.