How to save marriage from break up

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Sometimes relationship does not work in that case if you still want to save your marrriage from divorce here are astrology insights as per best of my knowledge.

In the culture of our country and society, marriage is considered as an opportunity to change the life. Marriage is given so much importance that it is also said that this bond will remain even after the death. Unfortunately, many people get separated. It is natural that the individual wants to know when & how the second marriage will happen.

If you want to save your marriage by the astrology point of view, then it is not too late.

Through this post, I am going to tell you some such formulas or ideas through which you will not only be able to find out about your second marriage, but you will also understand what was the reason for the breakup of the previous marriage and once the situation is cleared in your mind  You will not repeat the mistake.

Interference of others

Being an astrologer I get the opportunity of peeping into others’ life, rather than ordinary people. I have seen that many married couples are devastated not because of their spouse but because of any other family member. Husband-wife’s relationships are not so fragile that they will reach the divorce on the trivial issue. Behind the divorce many times there are people who don’t want to see husband and wife live in love.

If we consider this situation with the astrological point of view, the interference of another member of the family or outside person occurs when an enemy planet affects the seventh house of the horoscope. And when the same planetary situation, which was at the time of the birth of the spouse, occurs in the Gochar then the situation becomes serious. Fill the form at the bottom of this page & I will tell you how to save the marriage from such kind of situation in a relationship. 

How to save marriage from divorce

For the betterment of the conjugal life, the seventh house of the horoscope should be free from ill-effects & the influence of other planets. In case, the lord of the seventh house looks seventh house by sitting somewhere in the horoscope then it may be possible that your spouse will listen to others but definitely will not react. If, you are going through this kind of unpleasant situation, then for remedial measure I will suggest you to please the lord Planet of the seventh house of your horoscope. Just fill the form in the bottom & I will look into your horoscope to save your marriage from divorce.

The state of mutual hostility

The seventh house of the horoscope represents the life partner while the sixth represents the enemy. So when the sixth house of the horoscope relates to the seventh house of the horoscope then crack appears in marital relations and mutual animosity begins to grow. The people who have this yoga in their horoscope, lack of mutual understanding from the beginning of marriage grows. The more intense the relationship between the sixth and seventh house of the horoscope, the greater the mutual resentment between them will come into the existence. This type of yoga brings the divorce within one year of marriage.

But if the auspicious planets like Venus, Jupiter, Venus, and Moon cast their aspect at the seventh house of the horoscope, then divorce or separation takes some time but dissidence does not end. In case you see this yog in the horoscope of anyone then you should check the presence of this yog in the horoscope of spouse and also check if there are other planets or yoga that prevents this yoga. In case, if there is a yoga that can prevent this flaw in the second horoscope, then husband-wife shall not separate.

Widow or widower Yoga

The second house of the horoscope is considered the house of death of the life partner of the native, as the second house comes at the eighth number when we start counting from the seventh house of the horoscope. The eighth house is considered the place of death in the horoscope. If the lord of the seventh house sits in the second house then it is the indication of death or death like the condition of the spouse during the Mahadasha or Antardasha of the related planets.

In addition, the eighth house & the lord of the eighth house of the horoscope is very fatal for the seventh house. In case, the seventh house is related to the eighth house of the horoscope, then this relationship indicated the death or situation similar to the death of the spouse.

If this yog is present in the horoscope of the husband and at the same time the ascendant is weak in the horoscope of wife then it is the indication of shortening the life of the wife. After marriage, such symptoms start to appear which indicate poor health.

How to save the marriage in the presence of this kind of yoga, what we should do? I tell you.

In the horoscope of a native, if this lethal yog is present, then as a remedy the person should remarry with his wife or husband. By doing this, marriage will also be pleasant and there will be no threat to the life of a spouse.

Differences & distances between spouses

In some cases, there is no ideological difference between Husband and wife instead they are full of love despite having no animosity, but both are forced to live separate. This type of situation arises when there is excessive separatist planets sits in the seventh house of the horoscope. When Sun, Mercury, Rahu sit in the seventh house of the horoscope, then these planets create the distance between the husband and wife. For example, the husband lives abroad while wife in her own country, in other cases, the wife is forced to stay in her maternal city due to the job.

In addition to this, when the lord of the seventh house of the horoscope sits in the third house of the horoscope then the spouse travels a lot in life because the third house is related to the journey, especially short visits. Due to visits, the person remains away from the spouse. In the same way, if the lord of the seventh house sits in the ninth house, the same result should be considered as the third house is known for short journey while ninth house for the long journey.

I have seen many couples who work in different places, some perform night duty, some settle abroad, and there are peoples whose wives are in the government job and are working in the maternal home. The reason behind in almost all cases is that the lord of the seventh house either sits in the ninth house of the horoscope and that’s why this kind of situation arises.

In the end, I would say that all the circumstances & astrological yoga referred above create such a situation for the individual when he starts thinking about the alternative, in other words, second marriage. On the death of the spouses, a need of the other person’s support in the shape of life partner is natural. When husband-wife stays away from each other, it is natural to have such thoughts in their mind that where there is a job they should get married and break old relations. Husband and wife are not interconnected then the entry of outsider in the married life is also natural.

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