If Nadi and Bhakoot Dosha exists

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Sometimes it happens with lovers. They want to check whether they will be happy after marriage or not. Nadi and Bhakoot doshas are major part of matchmaking that is true but this doesn’t mean that if someone have such doshas, they cannot marry.

There are many celebrities who’s horoscopes are not matching but they are quite OK with their partner. Not only celebrities but in general life I have observed people who had same Nadi and Bhakoot Dosha (0 out of 7) are living happily. What is the reason behind this fact? Is it an exception?

Matchmaking is my daily task and I do it very carefully because this is matter of someones life. I always try to learn from people who are happy with their married life. I have record of 283 couples who are my known.  So whatever I am going to explain is part of my research and I have to tell people that do not scare if you find Nadi, Bhakoot or Koot Milan Doshas in your horoscopes.

If you love your life partner and your partner also loves you. You have spent years with your partners and cannot live without him, a reason could be in your horoscope.

Let me find out that reason in your horoscope. Just fill the form below and wait for my answer.



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