How Astrology can help you to improve your compatibility with your wife/husband?

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Can Astrology help to improve compatibility with your wife/ husband?

The title of this article is indicating towards the improving relationship with the help of astrology but i would like to tell you that improving the relationship of husband-wife is not an easy job. It is not like the replacement of a car battery when the car is not starting. There are many planetary positions responsible for spoiling the relationship.  The astrologer alone can’t do something to improve or mend the relationship. Before we go ahead on this topic, we have to consider why the relationship spoils.

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Reasons that make the relations between husband and wife worse

First, we have to identify the planetary position that is responsible for tenseness in the relationship and afterwards will have to take steps to strengthen the weak planets that are deteriorating the situation. Let us know why & how the relationships with the spouse deteriorate due to the planets. We will first talk about female natives on this subject.


No matter how the nature of a woman is, but if she has an attraction, then every man is drawn after her. You must have realized that many women are very beautiful; we like to talk to them. Later, we feel that their nature, the behaviour is not good at all but we don’t mind at all. In other words, due to a lack of attraction, the relationship also deteriorates. Beauty and attraction are considered from the planet Venus. If the planet Venus is weak in the horoscope of a female native, is debilitated or is under the influence of the malefic planets, then the relationship with the husband is likely to deteriorate.


Jupiter is considered the factor planet of the husband in the horoscope of women. If the position of Jupiter is bad in the horoscope or it is under the influence of inauspicious planets, then the husband & wife will not have good relations. Whatever may reason there but it is definite that there will be a lack of sweetness in their relationship.


If there is a manglik dosh in the horoscope of women, then they may have a conflict with their husbands and the relationship gets worse.


The presence of the Sun in the seventh house of the horoscope is not good at all. Sun considers the separative planet. Sun causes arrogance in a person. The relationship between husband and wife starts deteriorating due to ego.


Rahu is a separative planet on one side and on the other side, it creates doubt and confusion in the mind of a person. Lack of trust is the main reason for relationship deterioration. Rahu eliminates trust and creates mistrust.

The causes of conflict in a relationship in men’s horoscope

In the horoscope of men, the main reason for the conflict in a relationship with the wife, I think the presence of Sun and Rahu in the seventh place. Because if the husband behaves lovingly with the wife, then there is no reason for deteriorating the relationship. The presence of Sun in the seventh house of the horoscope gives rise of ego in the husband. Ego decreases the affection & love and this is enough for the relationship to deteriorate.

In case, if Rahu and Ketu also have an influence upon the seventh house of the horoscope, then the measures to improve the relationship also do not work. Rahu & Ketu blur the situation and create a suspicious environment between the relations. They both create doubt and confusion. For this reason, a person suspects his wife without saying anything and starts making lies on her own. Consequently, relationships keep on deteriorating.

Solution & Remedy

To strengthen Venus

  1. By strengthening the planet Venus, you can create attraction in your personality. To strengthen Venus, first, take special care of the cleanliness of your body & your home. Do not allow cobweb in the house. Keep your body clean and tidy. Always try to look beautiful
  2. While cooking food in the morning, first take-out food for cow, dog and crow.
  3. Daily worship the Goddess Lakshmi.
  4. By taking these measures, Venus will be strong in your horoscope and will magnetize your personality. Your relationships with your husband will begin to improve.

To strengthen the planet, Jupiter

The yellow colour is believed to be that of Jupiter. To strengthen and please Jupiter, wear yellow clothes on Thursday. If possible, keep fast on Thursday. Donate yellow items and take yellow food grains only.

To strengthen the planet Mars

I want to tell you based on my experience that if you go to the temple of Hanuman ji on Tuesday and Saturday regularly and apply Tilak on your forehead from the feet of Hanuman ji, then you will save yourself from all kinds of harm caused by Mars being angry. Your personality will become impressive.


To pacify the planet Sun, you should donate. I will suggest you perform worship, recitation and chanting from a qualified and learned Brahmin.


If relationships are getting worse due to Rahu then you should worship Lord Ship. Fasting should be observed on Monday. If possible, female natives should observe sixteen Monday fasts for Lord Shiva with the complete method.

If you are also facing similar problems, then you should contact us without any hesitation and delay. In addition to remedies to remove planetary defects, we also recommend gems. You can also get a solution by sending your horoscope.