Manglik Dosha

Whenever the Indian parents talk about the marriage of their children they say that without horoscope matching of our children we will not talk about the marriage further.

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So much has been written and prevailed in our society about the Manglik Dosha. But it is surprising that only a few know the truth about the Manglik.

So let’s kick start.

First question pops up in our mind, after all what is this mars affliction (manglik yog) because so many people always talk about the same.

You would have heard from some worried mother or father that we are not getting a suitable match for our wards because of the Manglik yog. He or sheis manglik.

Thirty years back, when telephone service was rare.  At that time, telegram service was used. But at that time too, this service was used to send the death news. So whenever the telegram messenger would knock the door of someone and would inform that one telegram message is for you. At that time, the people would start weeping without seeing the message. They would think that the telegram will definitely have the message of the death of someone.

Similar misconception is associated with the Manglik yog.

First of all, what is Manglik?

There are 12 houses in the horoscope and 9 planets. The seventh house of the chart represents the marriage and life partner.

So when the planet Mars sits in the first house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house, and the twelfth house of the Kundli then the so-called Manglik Yog comes into existence.

I will try my best to clear all the myths and misconception about the Manglik Yog step by step.

First question arises why Manglik Yog is associated with the marriage?

As per the Vedic Astrology, Mars is given the fourth, seventh and eighth sight. Mars is considered a natural malefic planet.So when Mars sits in the first house it sees the seventh house with its seventh sight. Its sight on the seventh house is considered harmful for the marriage and spouse.

By sitting in the fourth house of the horoscope, Mars sees the seventh house with its fourth sight and affect the marriage, married life and spouse.

Again in the seventh house is affected with the Mars when it sits in this house of the horoscope.

The eighth house represents the pleasure of married life so presence of Mars in the eighth house disturb the married life and also disturb the husband-wife relations.

By sitting in the twelfth house, Mars puts its eighth sight on the seventh house and thus disturb the marriage, married life and spouse.

Types of Manglik yog

You can see that there are five types of Manglik yog.

Out of 12 houses of the 5 house of the horoscope are responsible for the formation of Manglik Yog. This is a very common situation and we can say that almost fifty percent of people may be Manglik. Therefore, Manglik girl or boy should be given preference for the Manglik boy or girl. Because Manglik Yog may cause delay, dispute, break and even divorce in the married life. Strength, aspects, degree, debilitation and exaltation of Mars should be considered before reaching any final decision.