How Accurate is Astrology in Marriage Prediction?

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The title of this article is in question form. So first of all, my answer is that astrology is cent-per cent accurate in marriage prediction. Vedic astrology has been practised for thousands of years in India, astrology is an integral part of the tradition of Indian society. There is no question mark on its accuracy. If someone does not believe in astrology, then it is his problem. Vedic astrology is recognized as a science in India.

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Astrological accuracy in Marriage Prediction

Now let’s talk about how accurate is marriage prediction through astrology. I can say based on my experience that it remains cent-per cent accurate. If anyone challenges this, then I will tell him to check all the divorce cases, go and get the horoscopes of all divorced husband and wife. You will find that the birth chart of divorced couples already had the clear yoga of getting divorced. Such as Manglik Yoga, the lord of the seventh house and seventh place being affected by inauspicious planets. Scoring fewer marks according to the Ashtakoot matching method. These are a very general rule of astrology which help us to do marriage predictions by Date of birth.

Successful married life

Now we talk about the other aspect, more explicitly successful conjugal life. If you look at their horoscope of the couples who are leading successful marital life then you will find that Venus and Jupiter are in a very good position in their horoscope. Apart from this, their horoscope will also have maximum marks according to the Ashtakoot matchmaking method. If you do not believe this, then we have no way to persuade it.

Male horoscope

Now let us tell you whether your marriage will be successful according to astrology. First of all, if you are a male, then know that Venus is the significator of your spouse in your horoscope, represents your wife in your horoscope. The more auspicious Venus is in your horoscope, the more successful married life. If it is in an exalted zodiac sign, or if Venus is influencing the seventh place of the horoscope, then you should understand that your married life is going to be successful. If there is no Manglik Yoga in your horoscope, Mars is not present in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, twelfth place of the horoscope, then your marital life will be successful. If you are Manglik and you have married with Manglik girl, then also your married life will be successful.

Female horoscope

If you are a woman, know that Jupiter is the significator of your spouse, Jupiter represents your husband in your horoscope. The more auspicious Jupiter is in your horoscope, the more successful married will be. If Jupiter is exalted or sat in the zodiac sign of the friendly planet or is having an auspicious effect on the seventh place of the horoscope, then you should understand that your married life is going to be successful.

Failed marital life

There are twelve houses in the horoscope. Each house represents one or the other aspects of our life. The seventh-place of the horoscope represents our marriage, our spouse. If this place is affected by inauspicious planets then it directly affects our marital life and our spouse.

Inauspicious planet

If the lord of the zodiac in the seventh house sits in the eighth house of the horoscope, then the native does not get happiness of marriage. Sun, Mars, Rahu, Saturn etc. are considered as inauspicious, malefic  & sinful planets. In addition, the lord of the twelfth place of the horoscope is known as saparative planet. The relationship of these planets directly or indirectly to the seventh place reduces the happiness of marriage. It also reduces the happiness you get from your spouse.

If you do not have the yoga of happy married life then It is not necessary that husband and wife will fight among themselves, it is possible that both work in different cities and transfer is not possible. In this way, they reach the age of sixty years while working. You can imagine yourself that if the husband and wife start living together at the age of sixty then will they get the happiness of marriage. Let me give another example, a husband is gone abroad for work and only comes for one month after one or two years. He consoles his wife that next year he will take her abroad with him, but as age passes, he never able to take his wife with him. In many cases, one dies. Another example, the husband may be in jail, due to some crime, the entire life is spent in jail. Take one more example, Husband and wife live together, both do jobs or business but they both do not have time to talk among themselves. One another interesting example, both husband and wife have a lot of love among themselves but due to the education of the children, they have voluntarily accepted their separation from each other and later some situations are formed that they are never able to come to each other.


All the above-mentioned situations are true, I am telling you that based on my experience, how the planetary conditions affect your spouse and your marital life. I request you that if you are going to get married and are looking for a suitable spouse then do not marry without horoscope matching. We prepare horoscope-matching reports manually and we have more than twenty-five years of experience in this field. Do not hesitate to contact us for Marriage Prediction.