Marriage time in Horoscope

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Sometimes marriage becomes biggest question of life. But your horoscope always have answer. You just put your date of birth and know when will your marriage take place. But this article is written with more attention to those who dont know much about astrology. I am going to explain the easiest ways to know marriage time in horoscope. First of all you must have clear the following things…

  1. Malefic and Benefic Planets
  2. 12 Zodiac Signs & their order
  3. 9 planets
  4. 12 Houses of horoscope

After everything above, if you ask when will I get married , you must know your date of birth and exact time of birth also. For marriage time estimate  you must know your accurate birth time because if  by mistake you tell your date of birth accurate but birth time one minute late than actual time, your prediction will happen 2 days late.

For example you can see the vimshottri dasha difference will be there for  2 days late or early.

The example horoscope is attached herewith.


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