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Points Covered in Full Marriage + Career Prediction Report

If you apply for paid reading here is what you will get in your marriage report. 

  1. Past incidents & hidden facts about you. 
  2. Life Partner by looks, physic, character, family, financial status, study, career.
  3. Type of Marriage. Love or ArrangedInter-caste or same caste. With a Friend or Unknown person. 
  4. How will life be Life after your marriage?
  5. The best direction for marriage and career.
  6. When you will Get married the Year and Estimated Months.
  7. How will be relations with your in-laws?
  8. Lucky Gemstone Suggestion for Love, Marriage, Career, health. 
  9. Is there Manglik dosh, Kaal Sarp dosh, Major Dosha with Remedies.

If you apply for paid reading here is what you will get in your Career report. 

1.  Overall your planetary position and impact in your life?  
2.   The scope of the job, Time of Good opportunity.
3..  What is good for your Govt. Job or Private Job or Business. 
4.   Which field is good for you & what is bad. 
5.   How will be your current job, what is the scope?
6.   How will be your next five years Ten Years for your Career
7.   Favorable planets & bad planets in your horoscope.
8.   Single Gemstone suggestion for all your problems. 
9.   Overseas opportunity, abroad travel, and Scope. 
10.  The turning point in your life.