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Whether you are looking for your matchmaking or you want to know about your future, you can pay the consultation fee & expect a callback or prediction report on email.

Horoscope Matching Report

Sometimes someone about your horoscope match will say it’s not matching. Marriage is not recommended. If the proposal is fine everything looks normal and you don’t want to lose the particular match, our report not only clear your doubts but this will give you a hope which is according to numerous clients experience. Most of the critical horoscopes we match with a success rate of 78% & you can expect every possible solution for your problem.

Here is the detailed Horoscope Matching Report Contents.

Full Consultation

You can request your full horoscope reading in which I will cover

  1. Your marriage prediction.
  2. Money gain and money loss with the prediction of your financial activities in next 6 years.
  3. How will be your career in next six years.
  4. How will be your health.
  5. Solutions for your bad planets.

You will also get a chance to discuss over the phone.

Marriage prediction

How will be your married life and to whom? How will be life partner by looks? How will be your life partner’s nature, career, family, finance? A detailed analysis about your marriage time, when you will get married? About marriage type as love or arranged marriage. You can also expect prediction about marriage with a known person or unknown.

Finance Prediction

How will be your future in terms of finance? will you become rich or not. How will be your finance in your life span.


In career report, I will tell you everything in detail. here are the points I will cover…

  • Overall your planets this time.
  • Scope of job in near future, Time of Good opportunity.
  • What is good for you, Job or Business.
  • Which field is good for you & what is bad. 
  • How will be your current job, what is a scope?
  • Favorable planets & bad planets in your horoscope.
  • Overseas opportunity, abroad travel and Scope.

Other than this health and Remedies for your bad planets. Single Gemstone suggestion for all your problems.

The cost for full reading is 2100 Rs.

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After Payment

You will get a confirmation email fo payment after you pay. The payment gateway is 100% secure and we accept Net Banking, Credit Card, PayTM and you can also transfer the amount in our bank account.



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