Palmistry and matchmaking

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An astrologer is not really astrologer without knowledge of palmistry.  Palmistry is really helpful when we are in doubt about horoscope timings.

I started palm reading in 1991. At that time there was not the tradition of horoscope.  Basically old people, who want to know their future, request for palm reading.

Palm reading is based on lines in your hands.  If you are not aware about name of lines just refer to the picture above.

In the present article I would like to share my experience with palmistry and also I will tell you how I do matchmaking by palm reading.

Why Palm Reading for Matchmaking?

People come to me daily for horoscope reading but many people comes with no birth details. Some boys & girls who love each other, wants to marry at any cost. If someone denied their matchmaking by reading horoscope, they look for other method of matchmaking.

One person came to me and asked a logical question. He says, “God has made us for each other, if our horoscopes do not match why the lines of our hands are similar to each other?”

The above question is very common and every person may look for this option of matchmaking by palmistry. But the fact is if you love each other and your match is not suitable by matchmaking, most people would not accept the truth. If that is true, you should not go for matchmaking and if you are willing to accept the truth, you are welcome.

How matchmaking being done by Palm Reading

You must be questioning that how matchmaking is possible with palm reading? The answer is there is much difference in horoscope matchmaking and matchmaking by palmistry but we can determine the required information about matchmaking from palmistry.

Such couples, who have been paradigm of compatibility, are important for me so I always keep the palmistry of such people for research.  Total record of 21 couple’s palmistry is safe in my database.  And the counting is going on.

I found some basic points similar in all compatible palms. All of that is as follows…

Lifeline and matchmaking

If there is much difference in your life line and your partner’s life line, this is not a suitable match. If your life line longer than your partner or shorter than your partner, this is one negative point for matchmaking.

Wrist Lines and Matchmaking

Just like life line the wrist lines are also analyzed for life or age.  If you count the total number of lines in both of your hands, it must be minimum 6. Unless it is a negative point for matchmaking.

Fate Line and Matchmaking

If your fate line is straight and your partner’s fate line is curved, this is not a good match. If your fate line is similar to your partner, this is a match. Other than that there are other parameters to match the fate line like its direction, thickness, color and angle. If your fate line is moving to left or Sun Line, your partner’s fate line must go to the direction of left or Sun line or right to Jupiter, not to straight to the Saturn. This is technical enough so I would suggest that you should leave it to scholar to analyze.

Marriage Line and Matchmaking

This line is most important for compatibility test. Its thickness, curviness, color, sub lines and area must be analyzed very carefully. Difference between you and your partner’s marriage line, would get you many negative points of matchmaking.

Other parameters  of matchmaking

Other than above mentioned points there are health line, Jupiter area, Venus area & Mars area can be analyzed for matchmaking. Sometimes the similarity is not compatibility and sometimes it is. The expert advice can save your relationship so you must keep all above things for your knowledge only. Expert’s advice is always a better option.

Let me do it for you

For palm reading, compatibility check or matchmaking, just shoot a photo of your hand lines with your camera and send me via email. I will send you the payment process next to it. After payments done you can expect a detailed report by email.

If you wish to chat live, keep ready your webcam and meet me on Skype.  Fix an appointment by email me at

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