Planetary position for no interest in Marriage

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Sometimes it is seen by us and I think you would have also notice that parents are tired of finding a suitable match for their child for marriage, but those matches are ignored or rejected by children by giving patty excuses. If you are also going through this kind of situation then please ensure, if your child is not a victim of a “No to Marriage” situation. Because it may quite possible that on one side you are preparing for marriage happily but on the other side, your son or daughter may not be ready for marriage. Being parents, this is an unpleasant situation because ultimately you will be a sufferer.

Reasons behind No to marriage

Now the question arises, how to find out that the reason for delaying your child’s marriage is his disrelish from marriage. Yes, here astrology helps you and with the help of astrology we can detect the reasons behind it and Astrology will definitely provide you the remedy to come out from this unhappy situation.

Refusing the marriage

I am telling you some situations and symptoms, through which you can ensure that the reason for the delay in marriage is your child’s Refusing the marriage, these symptoms are the following: –

Love Relationship & Marriage

In today’s age, it is very difficult to say that our children will marry according to their parents’ choice. We cannot stop the love relationships of our children also, it is a reality, but if it is detected on time then something can definitely be done.

Through the Horoscope, we may come to know about the love relationship

The fifth house of the horoscope represents the love relationships. In this house, the presence of a benefic planet indicates the entry of a love relationship in life. Besides the fifth house, if a benefic planet is present in the eleventh house also then the native will definitely fell into a love affair. In case, the same planets are of their own zodiac sign, exalted or retrograde then the native will definitely choose his life partner after going through a long courtship.

On the contrary, if there is no planet in the fifth house from ascendant or from Moon or from Sun then there are no chances of love relationship in the life of the native.

In the same way, if there is more than one planet be it benefic or malefic in the fifth house of the horoscope then the love affairs come and go in the life of the native.  

The presence of Moon in the fifth house of the horoscope indicates the more than one love relationship in the life of the native. If the planet of any movable sign sits in the fifth house of the horoscope then also it is seen that the native makes many love relationship in his life.

Planetary position for No interest in Marriage

No to Marriage due to Career or Study

Another reason for No to marriage may be that your child is already paying attention to his career and his career is more important to him than marriage. In such a state, the effect of the auspicious Mars on the fifth house of the horoscope is considered to be responsible. Mars is the planet that can force a person so much that he does not think anything other than education or career.

A fear losing your interest from marriage

If the lord of the seventh house is sitting in the sixth house of the horoscope and it is affected by Rahu& Ketu, then the person is afraid of marriage. For any reason, the feeling of insecurity exists in the heart of the native, which prevents him to get married.

I don’t want to get married anyone because no one ever met

Sometimes it happens that our age goes out in search of favorite spouse and we give the answer that a suitable match has not met yet.

This happens when a person is ambitious. A person becomes ambitious when the Sun has an impact on the seventh house because on one side, the Sun is the most ambitious in the planets and on the other side, it is harmful to the seventh house.

Planetary position for No interest in Marriage

Sometimes your planet creates disrelish for marriage. Let’s know such a planet position.

  • Sun and Saturn
  • Moon and Rahu
  • Venus and Mars
  • Mercury and Saturn
  • Jupiter and Ketu

The combination of the above five types of planets makes the person indifferent towards the house of the horoscope where they are found.

If they are called the planets of No to Marriage then there will be no exaggeration as these planets don’t give the good results.

  • Such combination of the planets in the fifth house will create irritancy towards studies.
  • This combination in the second house of the horoscope will create a dislike for eating and drinking.
  • If this combination exists in the fourth house, the person wants to stay away from society and does not like to mix up with people and prefer to live in seclusion.
  • And finally, if this combination is in the seventh house along with the lord of the seventh house, then the desire of native towards marriage ends, after that, it does not matter if he /she is married or not.

So if it is happening in your house too, don’t delay, it is possible to redress these planets of No to Marriage. In this context, we can help you, you can contact us through Email, WhatsApp, Phone, Facebook etc. or you can meet us personally at Ambala in our office.