What is Progeny Problem, and What Are the Solutions?

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Astrology Progeny Prediction For Couples

Who doesn’t love kids? Whether it’s west or east, everybody roots for a beautiful future with the dream of expanding their family through children and creating a small world of their own. However, some couples who, due to some unfortunate reasons, cannot conceive and even if they get pregnant face major problemthen astrology progeny prediction can help you. The process of bringing a child into their lives becomes very challenging.

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Astrology Progeny Prediction is more common than you think. In the Indian subcontinent, horoscope-matching is very common. Although it is being mocked most of the time, nobody sees the scientific or rational calculations behind it. Arrange marriage and love marriages; birth charts are assessed and matched with the sole purpose of a beautiful future for the couple. If an expert astrologer is consulted before nuptial knots, married life will be smoother as they suggest the best remedies and suggestions. Progeny is considered a significant aspect of horoscope matching before marriage. Astrologers usually take a look at your fifth house or the ninth house (since it is the fifth house from the fifth) for Astrology progeny prediction and problems.  Following are the most common possible reasons –

  • Many a time Grahan dosha is also responsible for progeny problems.
  • Pitra Dosha also creates hurdles for a healthy child.
  • Sometimes the planetary positions are favorable, but present planetary conditions delay pregnancy.
  • Kaalsarpa dosha also affects childbirth and pregnancy.
  • Negative Vaastu energies also create obstacles in conceiving.

Progeny Astrology & Remedies

Astrology has a remedy for absolutely every problem in the world. Astrologers believe that there is a solution to every problem in this universe, and there are some yagnas, routine chants, or gems through which they help you deal with progeny problems. Occult science also helps tremendously in issues concerning pregnancy. This shouldn’t be taken in a negative aspect as sometimes progeny problem occurs due to evil effects and black magic and to curb those effects, occult science would help you immensely.

If you are also facing delays in conceiving, miscarriage, and other progeny related issues, don’t worry, we bring to you some beneficial and effective remedial measures that would help ease the malefic effect of the planets aimed at the house of progeny.

  • Feed sweet Rotis to dogs.
  • Offer half portion of your meal to a cow; this act of kindness would come back to you in the form of blessings.
  • Pitra Shanti Yagya would benefit you immensely.
  • Kuldevi Puja, Kulbhairav puja, and Kuldevta puja would help get rid of major progeny related hurdles.
  • Install Siddha Yantra in your home after consulting an expert. This would help you purify the aura of your home.

Remedies according to malefic planets

  • If you wish to please the Moon, then bury jaggery in the ground.
  • For a favorable Jupiter, apply the saffron paste on your forehead as Tilak, every Thursday.
  • Planet Mars is pleased by donating jaggery to beggars.
  • Venus blesses you if you offer a scented lower or white cloth in a river or any water body.
  • Sun God is pleased when you feed seven uncooked food grains to ants.
  • Wrap mustard seeds in a black cloth and bury it in the ground, this would please Saturn.
  • Keep some Gangajal in your Puja Ghar to please Mercury.
  • To receive blessings from Rahu, release a snake in the forest during Nag Panchami.
  • Donate two different colored clothes to please Ketu.

Although these remedies are helpful, nothing could help you more than a personal consultation and a proper analysis of your and your partner’s birth chart. Your biggest investment should be your child; therefore, you should leave no stone unturned to consult the best astrologer there is to help you with progeny problem.

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