Prosperity tip of the Week

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Keep a peepal leaf in your wallet by plucking it on every Saturday and throwing the old one there.Your wallet wont remain empty if this exercise is repeated regularly

On Diwali night wash a Brass utensil by water while reciting the following Laxmi mantra

Aum Shrin Hrin Shrin Kamle Kamalalye Prasid Prasid Shrin Hrin Shrin aum Mahalakshmya namah” *

Collect the used water in some other utensil and spread it at your work place and the place where your money is kept, this process can lead to increase in wealth on  regular basis

Recite the above mentioned mantra on Wednesday night at least one Rosary and may exceed to three Rosary. This may solve your financial problem.

Take care that you temple is in North East direction and don’t eat curd or broom in the evening.

Take care if you home water is not flowing in the North East direction because this leads to unnecessary wastage of money.

Keep your washroom and kitchen and bathroom clean.

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