What is Nadi Dosha and its problems?

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Nadi Dosha is among the most harmful and inauspicious combinations and problems in Kundali Milan; when it comes to Vedic Astrology. It takes place when a girl’s Nadi and a boy’s Nadi happens to be the same during horoscope matching. You all must be knowing that before a marital alliance Kundali Milan is done so that the compatibility between the boy and girl is analyzed and checked for their emotional, spiritual, mental, physical wellbeing.

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It is one of the eight aspects or AshtaKoot that are considered and analyzed while the astrologers match the natal chart or a birth chart of the girl and the boy. Each aspect carries some points, totaling up to 36. On the basis of which, the compatibility score is out, which tells a lot about the scope of the union. Of all the aspects, Nadi holds the most points (eight), and therefore it is the most significant.

As per the Vedic astrology, Nadi  Dosha is a major and significant defect in the Conley. So much, so that expert astrologers do not recommend the alliance at all. Having said that, there are numerous factors that also influence and impact this defect that takes over Nadi Dosh.

Effects of Nadi Dosha

  • Although it relies on the intensity of the defect, you cannot underestimate a Nadi Dosha under any circumstances. The couple has to face a lot of challenges, adverse effects, and life-threatening situations in life.
  • A lot of couples have complained of progeny problems due to Nadi Dosha. Either they are not able to conceive, or there are some or the other pregnancy-related risks.
  • There is a constant atmosphere of misunderstanding, chaos, miscommunication, argumentative talks, and a lot of quarrels throughout the marriage.
  • Couples are not able to respect each other’s feelings and choices in life. There is no admiration, understanding, love, or attraction between the couple.
  • Among the most challenging yet common problems due to Nadi Dosha is bearing mentally or physically weak children or genetic defects in future generations.
  • There are a lot of health-related issues and problems of both the partners or either of them.
  • Chances of facing sudden death are also very common. If not, the partner can injure himself or herself due to fatal accidents.

Types of Nadi

There are three kinds of Nadi, and nine birth stars or Nakshatras fall in each one of them. The following are the kinds of Nadi and their nakshatras.

  • Adi Nadi- Uttara Purva Jyeshta, Phalguni, Bhadrapada, Moola, Hasta, Shatabhisha Punarvasu, Aardra, Ashwini
  • Madhya Nadi- Chitra, Uttara Phalguni, Anuradha Bhadrapada, Dhanistha, Bharani, Pushyami, Purva Mrigashira, Pooraashadha
  • Antya Nadi- Uttaraashadha, Swati, Rohini, Kritika, Revati, Shravani, Vishakha Aaslesha, Magha

What is the couple’s Nadi is the same?

Vedic astrology has a remedy or solution for everything. A big defect like Nadi Dosha also has solutions and remedies. Although, the bigger the problem, the more tedious and significant the remedy. Make sure you have enough time in the energy invested for rituals, remedies, and solutions for Andy. Most importantly, your dedication is the most important factor.

  • The first step begins with chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantras. The prospective groom and the bride have to chant these mantras for a prescribed number of times or 1.5 million times.
  • The main priest is assisted by the worshippers and Brahmins while praying to Lord Shiva. After this, a Havan is conducted.
  • This is followed by a donation on a big level. Although it totally depends on the Dosha’s intensity, the Brahmins can be donated gold, food equivalent to your weight, or a cow.

Always consult an expert astrologer before coming to any conclusion. Nadi Dosha is a massive defect and shouldn’t be controlled or take care of your own. If you and your partner have the same Nadi, please get your birth charts analyzed first.