When Venus or Shukra is Strong in the Vedic Astrology Horoscope

Published by Ashok Prajapati on

Inclined towards fashion industry- Venus in Astrological horoscope is the Reason

I have observed that a person becomes modern if Venus is powerful in the horoscope. The reason behind this belief is that Venus is considered as Cupid. I think Venus is fashion and fashion is Venus.

It is planet Venus that represents fashion industry, beauty parlour, cosmetics, cosmetic products and every ornament or thing of beauty from shoes to hats, belts to bindi.   

If Venus is favourable for you, in your horoscope then your beauty increases and age does not matter to you. It is the speciality of Venus that if it is beneficial in the horoscope, the person looks younger than his age.

The need of Venus, the representation of Venus (shukra) is everywhere, in your business, in your shop, in the factory, at the workplace and if these places do not have fashion temperament, there is no decoration, and then Venus should consider unfavourable.

If Venus is good in horoscope then the person will be beautiful with the body and if it is good in D-9 chart then the person will be beautiful from the internal side he will be good from the fathom of the heart also. 

A person gets the friends with the blessings of planet Mercury in his life, but you will get a friend who is worthy of becoming a life partner, the spouse with the blessing of Venus or shukra only.

What happens when Venus is not in Favour

When you witness the disturbance at auspicious occasions, something bad happens while doing good work, when there is no worry about sunrise and sunset, that is, laziness is high. If a woman becomes an enemy, then understand that Venus (shukra) is against you, Venus is not favourable. 

If you want to avoid these things, then activate Venus. If you want to make your present time favourable, then we will tell you how to activate Venus, how to make it favourable: –

How can you make Venus / Shukra Stronger – Remedies by An Astrologer

By donating these three things milk, sugar and rice every Friday, you will feel that your Venus has got better within a few days. You have started getting things related to Venus.

Whenever you have to give a gift to your wife or spouse, give it on Friday and it is even better if the gift contains things like cosmetics or home decoration. Occasionally keep doing this, believe that your Venus will become activated & favourable.

Enhance the beauty of the house, make decorations, do not let laziness dominate you. Do service in a religious place on Friday.

Whenever travelling somewhere, keep in mind the convenience of others. Do not use any part of the facility which is meant for others. Don’t disrespect but always respect the women.

If you take care of these things then your Venus will be activated & awakened. You will start getting benefits from the planet Venus.