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About 90% Indian users asks when will I get married which is surprising even youngsters below the age of 18 wants to know the exact time of marriage by Indian astrology & many other people who are interested to know the marriage prediction by date of birth & time. Being an Indian astrology expert I provide free accurate marriage prediction to most of my readers.

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The biggest question of Indians when will I get married and to whom

Some people who ask when I will get married have a very genuine reason for getting married. Whatever reason they have I provide help through astrology and try to resolve their marriage-related issue and also provide the remedy if there are hindrances in the path of marriage.

Some people ask the question when will I marry because there is no lady in their house to look after their house and them. Some say that their mother is sick and to some other requires a housewife so that their domestic work may run smoothly.

South Indian astrology accurate marriage prediction rules

One of my friends who lived in Mumbai went to an astrologer for marriage predictions and he was informed that there is the possibility of three marriages in his life as per his horoscope. Now it is natural that he scared badly. He came to me and requested me to tell him the time of his marriage. He wanted to know the accurate marriage prediction by date of birth. He asked about his marriage Yog then I took much time and told him that as per the south Indian astrological method you will get married within two-three days. Everyone was astonished to know this and asked how it is possible.

Life partner astrology
Know your life partner before your marriage.

As per rule of planetary interchange on 7th house with 6th house the two planet’s influence will be on 7th house. In the above example another planet Mars was also on 7th house so as per my calculation this is multiple marriage yog. See the image below. 

3 marriage yog in horoscope

Want to get married? Do this remedy

Then I told him to perform his marriage with Kumbh (earthen pot). The reason behind my advice was the existence of strong marriage yog. The strong marriage Yog existed at that time as per his horoscope but there was no bride for him. That’s why I advised him to get married to Kumbh. He was married to Kumbh (Earthern Pot) after three days and after eleven days his second marriage was done with Kumbh. After the two months of this remedy, my friend came to me and informed me that he is going to get married and invited me to his marriage. This incident tells us that when the planets responsible for the obstacles in marriage are strong we should perform remedial measures. The remedy was successful therefore third marriage done easily.

So I think when a person asks an astrologer that when will I get married by Indian astrology with exact time prediction of marriage astrologer should tell the remedy to remove the obstacles in the path of the marriage also. By telling this incident self-praising is not my intention. I only want to bring in your notice that if you see the abnormal delay in your marriage then you should understand that there is some problem with the marriage-related planets in your horoscope.

Another example of accurate marriage prediction

But sometimes knowing the exact time of marriage can solve a huge problem of life, an example is presented. One of my relatives lives in Bengaluru. He is having an affair with a girl for the last four years. Both love each other deeply and the families of both know about their love affair. The parents of the girl have no objection to their marriage but the parents of the boy side are not ready for the marriage because the elder brother is still unmarried and the girl belongs to the upper caste. When my relatives sought my advice by asking when will I get married I suggested a very simple solution. I asked to bring the horoscope of the elder brother who is still unmarried. He brought the horoscope of his elder brother and when I checked the same I found that the marriage time is near & predicted this November. My prediction is yet to be true.

Younger Sister’s marriage before elders

After birth, getting married is a big event in the life of any person. For some people when will I get married is a very big question. They remain worried because they think that their destiny may change after marriage. For example, the youngest sister of the three brothers and sister will definitely think that her marriage is getting late due to a delay in the marriage of the elder sister. As long as the marriage of my elder brother and elder sister is not done the question when will I get married always hover around my eyes.

If you search online when will I get married there are numerous website showing the quiz which looks too odd because this is the turning point of life.

To get the answer to when will I get married by vedic astrology people should try online very carefully.

When things are not working

My friend who is involved in an affair with a girl asked me when will I get married so I simply replied according to your horoscope there is the possibility of getting married at the beginning of the year 2020. Now the problem is that the parents of the girl are not ready to wait till the year 2020 and they started the search for a suitable match for their girl. For the girl, this has become a difficult situation. When things are not working you should not try hard. Let it happen. You will get the answer of your question when will I get married when the required planetary position will be there in the sky.

When will you get married
When will I get married – Complicated planetary combination in 7th house.

Would you like to ask me when will I get married now?

If you have any problem related to marriage or you want to know when will I get married the Indian Astrology is here to give an answer just contact by filling the below column. I am available on mobile & you can contact me through email also. I assure you to solve all marriage-related issues. I provide the time of marriage based on astrological calculations. If your marriage is getting delay I will provide you with the responsible planets and astrological remedy. I hope I will solve your question when will I get married definitely.

One more rule of Indian Astrology for the exact time of marriage predictions

In last year I have analyzed numerous horoscopes & found that if your Saturn’s aspect is on 7th house or If your Saturn has existed in the 1st house, 5th house, 7th house or 10th house of horoscope one marriage happens in the early age about the age of 22-24. But the first marriage always becomes critical & family problems start after marriage. This results in a break up later.


This rule of Indian astrology always gives accurate marriage prediction so if you have Saturn’s position in the said house you should be careful of your marriage. Use the form below to get your marriage prediction for free on your inbox.

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