Which Houses Responsible For Career?

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In the world of astrology, all aspects of one’s life are controlled or determined by the factor of one’s birth, the placement of the planets at any given moment, and when the person is making decisions and many other things. Career is one of those things affected by your astrology and, more specifically, by the houses. Career astrology and career predictions are, therefore, essential for you to understand and implement in your life to be successful.

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Houses in astrology can be seen as the 12 parts of a clock, and a corollary can be drawn to the 12 zodiac signs. The houses are named the 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house and so on till the 11th and 12th house. These houses denote different aspects of one’s fortune and, thus, life.

Let us look at which houses are predominantly in play when someone’s career is to be seen and understood.

  • As per astrological dictum, the houses that play a role in a person’s career are the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 10th We need to see in detail what each of these houses is and means.
    • The 1st house is the “I Am” house, which refers to a person’s looks, appearance, and outward personality. This is known as the house of the ascendant mask. It has to do with everything related to your first impression on a cosmic level. This also thus affects your approach towards life in a manner of speaking.
    • The 2nd house is the “I Have” house, which refers to your possessions, money, skills, and values. Also known quite literally as the House of Resources, this is the one that has everything to do with your materialistic or materially convertible resources. Thus you can see how this has a direct impact on your career. Attributes like your values and skills are necessary for play when your career and life are the questions to be answered.
    • The 6th house is the “I serve” house is related to daily life, such as work, health, service, and self-improvement. Known as the House of Legacy, Health, Lineage, and Service, this one has a bearing on you being the best version of yourself and giving back as much as you can to society. This house also deals directly with your health and exercise.
    • The 10th house is the “I Achieve” house and is related to all things similar to status, reputation, vocational purpose, power dynamics, and thus very directly to a career. This house is known as the House of Midheaven and sits at the very top of the dial that the 12 houses make. This shows that this may well be the most visible and relevant house for you, especially your career.
  • It is relevant to note here that the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses form a trikone (triangle) in your Kundali. This means and shows these three are intrinsically connected to one another. Your destiny with respect to these houses is what determines your career.
  • The propensity of the lords of the houses to be connected to one another for your Kundali is what plays the defining factor in your life and career. As an example, understand that if the lord of the 10th house has a connection with the lord of the 2nd house, then your career will take a path of your choosing and desire, and you will do well in it.

Finally, it is crucial for you to know that the houses alone do not guarantee a career prediction for you. Career astrology and career predictions are affected by the other aspects of your Kundali as well, and the effect of the interplay of them all can be explained to you by a pundit or an expert if you wish to know.

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