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Personalized predictions of your marriage by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati.

I am desperate to know who will I marry because my life is tied to this question. If you are feeling same, astrology can help you. Just leave your questions in the form below & we will get your date of birth data to calculate your horoscope for marriage and life partner. If someone is in your life & you are confused about future with him, you should not wait & clear your doubts with the help of astrology. This is what in this post is written.

Marriage predictions by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati.

Is there someone in your life? Will he marry you?

Sometimes in life some people are so special that there is no other way than to spend life with them. The problem is that not everyone finds their favorite life partner. If you fall in love with a colleague working together in the office and he wants someone else, then it becomes very difficult. Ever find the ideal life partner that you had imagined in your mind and later find out that he/she is already married, how meaningless life seems? As an astrologer, we have to answer such questions of people which can only be imagined.

The above two problems are common. This can happen to anyone because you live in the society and you get a partner of your choice in the society but it is not necessary that according to your mind, he is also ready to spend life with you. But there are some cases where we can find out whether such person will be my life partner or not. Because sometimes the question is just a yes or no. Where astrology can help you. Let’s know how.

Life Partner – Predictions, Interpretations & Findings.

The seventh house in the birth chart can tell what will be the lifestyle of your life partner. For example, if the Sun is placed in the seventh house of the horoscope, then your life partner will always be engaged in work. Similarly, the Navamsa i.e. D9 chart of Horoscope tells what will be the nature of the person with whom you will spend your life. It can even be found out with which letter your life partner’s name will start. However, for this the details of date of birth etc. also need to be accurate.

Who will I marry? - Personalized 
predictions of your marriage by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati.

Still, it can be ascertained in which field your life partner would be working. If you also want to know the answer to these questions, then you can take our service. You will definitely get answers to your questions in the Marriage Prediction Report.

What you will get in your Marriage Prediction Report by Ashok Prajapati?


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