Why astrological compatibility is important in love marriage

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Why astrological compatibility is important in love marriage

Astrological compatibility in love marriage is important so that the future marital life is full of happiness. Apart from this, astrological compatibility is important for the following reasons:

Astrological Compatibility for Happy Married Couple

 The Married couple should remain happy in the future. They should not face any kind of suffering. After marriage, they should be able to accumulate all kinds of comforts in their small world and lead a happy life. There should be no debate in them. There remained a sense of renunciation for each other. For all these things, astrological compatibility is required.

Good luck in marriage can be ascertained with Astrological Compatibility

In our culture, a newlywed girl is considered as the form of Lakshmi. However, many times we have seen that as soon as the newlywed girl enters the house, the loss starts in the house. Happiness ends in the family and sometimes-even sudden deaths of family members occur. Through astrological compatibility, we check that the feet of the newlywed girl should be similar to Lakshmi. Her entry in the house should bring wealth, fortune and happiness. All these things should increase.

Physical & Mental health of a girl & a boy After Marriage

After starting their conjugal life after marriage, the influence of the planets of husband and wife should be positive on each other. If both are happy then their physical and mental health will be fine.


Astrological compatibility is necessary not only for husband & wife but also for children after marriage. If the planets of husband and wife are beneficial for each other, then there is no doubt that the children coming will also be lucky. The planetary position of mother and father is necessary for good, beautiful and cultured children.

The fruitful career of husband & wife 

When the planetary position is favorable, it affects all aspects of life. If the planet is favorable then they will respect each other’s feelings and if the wife does not want to leave her career even after marriage, the husband will respect her feelings. If the planets are malefic, then the husband will not compromise at all under his ego. The husband may say that it is your responsibility to take care of the children and to keep the kitchen ready at home. The same thing is kept in mind in astrological compatibility.

Increase in wealth

The wife should be like Goddess Lakshmi. On arrival of a newlywed girl, there should be an increase in wealth property in the house. This is taken care of in astrological compatibility. If the planetary position is not taken care of, the home environment deteriorates on the arrival of the bride at home. You may have noticed that after the marriage the newly married husband and wife are separated from the house & from the parents for whatever reason may be. If the planets are not favourable.

Own a House

The life of a newly married couple after a love marriage is filled with happiness if they have favorable planet in their horoscope. If the planets of both husband and wife are very good, then there is no doubt that within a few days, they completely set their house ready. I have seen couples making love marriages become the owner of the house in three or four years of marriage if they have taken care of astrological compatibility.

Boy & Girl both should have a good relationship with their parents

By showing astrological compatibility, if a boy and girl get love marriage with the consent of their parents then their relationship with their mother and father will remain good. On the contrary, if they do a love marriage by spoiling the relationship, it is never going to prove good for anyone. If you are in love with someone, then get the consent of your parents and get married only by matching horoscopes.

What to look for in astrological compatibility

Manglik yog

If you are in love with someone and going to get married. You are willing to take the help of astrology, then check & see if there is any Manglik yoga in your horoscope. Ensure that there should not be Manglik yog in the horoscope of only one. 

Fifth House 

The fifth house of the horoscope should not be contaminated by Rahu, Sun and other sinful planets.

Seventh House

Ensure that Rahu, Sun and other sinful planets are not sitting in the seventh place of the horoscope. Also, make sure that there is no sight of sinful planets at the seventh house of the horoscope. The lord planet of the seventh house is not sitting in the eighth place.

Matching according to the Ashtakoot Method

If you are going to have a love marriage, then get a qualified and learned astrologer for matchmaking of the horoscope of both boy and girl according to the Ashtakoot method. A maximum of 36 marks has been determined according to the Ashtakoot method. Ensure that maximum marks are attained. If you want to love marriage and you are not getting the required mark, then do the marriage only after pacifying the planets.

Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter is the causative planet of marriage in the horoscope of a girl and Venus is the factor of marriage in the horoscope of a male native. If both these planets are auspicious in both of your horoscopes, then your love marriage will be successful.

If you are going to have a love marriage, make sure to keep in mind astrological compatibility once before taking a final decision and make sure to match the horoscope from a qualified and learned astrologer. You can consult us too in this regard. Do not hesitate to consult us.