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Sometimes we have some co-incidence that we stuck to a person even we don’t have deep feeling but still the person is like an option for us.¬†God knows everything. But do you know why you met? If not this post might help you.

As an astrologer I get a lot of emails about horoscope matching, gun milan. People ask me to match their horoscope. They have already matched with the software’s available on the internet for free matchmaking. After they listen a big NO they come to me with a hope.

I want to tell everyone who is looking for horoscope match that if you love each other your horoscope must have a reason. Now that is work of astrologer to find that logical reason with technical details.

So if you have problem similar to below…

  • If you have less than 18 points in gun milan.
  • if you stuck with Manglik issues.
  • If you have Nadi Dosh.
  • If you have Nadi and Bhakoot dosh.
  • If everyone says you cannot marry with your partner.
  • If ultimately your horoscope is not matching with your partner.

Then you have the following options.

  1. Read the articles about your issues yourself and know the fact.
  2. Send me your birth details and let me do this for you.

I will tell you the reason why you met and I will tell you the planetary position responsible for your attraction love and affection. If there are some issues I will explain about it and if any possible solution is there, I will definitely tell you.

Use the form below to send me your birth details.

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