Will the Name Change remove the hindrance of marriage?

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Can Kundli Matching be done by changing the name? Why is the girl’s name changed after marriage? Is it right to change the name to match the qualities of the bride and groom? Can fate be changed by changing the name? Can the delay in marriage be removed by changing the name? Can the marriage barrier be removed by changing the name? Why are the letters of the name changed for a happy married life? Let’s discuss in this post.

Story of Preeti who changed her name

There was a lot of trouble in Preeti’s marriage, her horoscope was not matched with any boy. Every time the boys used to make some excuse or the other by telling the fault in Preeti’s horoscope. Saying that there is a defect in Preeti’s horoscope, the boys used to refuse for a marriage relationship.

Then one day the limit was reached. The boy with whom the relationship was going on came to know that Preeti’s horoscope does not match with anyone. There was a slight quiver in the boy’s brother’s voice. The boy with whom there was talk of a relationship refused but also proposed that he could have a relationship with the younger brother. Preeti cried a lot that day.

Preeti cried a lot thinking whether my luck is so bad. Then searched on the internet and we got her call. Heard the whole problem and we asked him to change the letters in his name. After a lot of hard work Preeti was told what to change in the letters of the name. Surprisingly, after that talk went on at three places and at one place the matter was confirmed. Today Preeti has a full family, three children and could not believe that Preeti’s horoscope was not matching with anyone. Suddenly happiness came in her life.

How name and horoscope are connected with each other

Now the question arises that what is the magic in words that changes life. Here are the letters of Preeti’s name.

8 2 5 5 4 1 = 7 is the sum of all these letters. Neptune is lord of nuber 7 and in horoscope was weak.

And we suggested to change like this.

8 2 5 4 4 1 = 6 The number 6 lord is Venus which was powerful in her horoscope.

This is how name change worked

The total sum of the letters of Preeti’s name was seven. Now in the horoscope, Venus was in its exalted sign and the sub-period of Venus was still far away. In such a situation, by activating Venus, it was necessary to make such a change in the letters of the name that the total sum of the letters of the name comes to the number 6. Because the number 6 is of Venus and Venus is exalted in the horoscope. Though it was a daunting task but it was completed in this way.

So finally we can say yes Name change can change your married life. If you are not getting married you can opt for name change. Sometimes your name does not match with your horoscope. In that case you can consult professional astrologer for name change prediction.

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