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Sometimes it happens you go to astrologer for horoscope matching and he says no and you go to other one same result but trust me 80% horoscope will not match if you follow just Gun Milan. What are the reason? I am going to explain with the solution.

No one is perfect astrologer because this is subject where a lot of questions are still unanswered. Most of the astrologers would not take risk if they see a couple of problems in your horoscope. You are dependent upon their opinion. Some astrologers are very busy, they will not tell you what will happen if you marry. They will just say no.

I believe every astrologer should look for reason why you met and why you have attachment in the heart because with true heart if you love each other, there might be reason in horoscope.

Nine year back I also had thinking why to take risk and tell the truth but then I saw couple of such horoscopes who was very happy with their partner even they were told horoscope are not matching. Then I thought there are a lot of people with hope ask for horoscope matching. As because they love each other at least they are better than the people who get married with the unknown person. We should look for a reason.

Now I spend time to look for the reason of marriage why you met. Then I look for horoscope matching with all the aspects like Nadi dosh bhakoot dosh and Manglik or Non Manglik, nature matching, planetary positions etc.

Then I write a note that what will happen if you marry. What maximum loss is possible if horoscope is not matching. What we can do to avoid and what are the remedies.

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What to do if still horoscope is not matching

Most of the times as per my calculations the horoscope matches. But if I see major problems and if I don’t recommend the marriage you can do the remedies I always suggest to my clients.

Kumbha Vivah

This is a very popular remedy for those who have divorce or separation in horoscope. Most of the people perform Kumbha Vivah when scholar suggests after finding the Manglik Yog. But you can go for it if you have chances of 2 m,marriages in horoscope. This is kind of real marriage but with a water pot which in the end will be destroyed so you can say your first marriage is broke up.

Usually people change their name for the purpose of Kundali matching when there are some problems in horoscope. Does it work? Let me clear the couple of things.

Change the name

The name has very much importance no doubt. Your name is your full identity. In astrology also the name is important when you are getting marry with your partner, changing place for career or other purpose and Numerology also says name has importance. some people change the name of wife while marriage. Usually the people do this when they don’t have horoscope or date of birth.


The conclusion is if your horoscope is not matching do not frustrate. Ask astrologer for maximum loss in case of you get married even after your horoscope are not matching.


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