Which planets in Vedic astrology indicate a love marriage? Horoscope Predictions

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Love Marriage in Astrology and Horoscope Predictions

Love Marriage Prediction

When we consider love marriage in astrology, we mainly examine the role of Mars and Venus. Love marriage is considered a bold step in our society because often parents of girls & boys are not ready for love marriage. This work requires courage, fearlessness, and extreme love in mind. You know Mars & Venus are mainly responsible for these things in the spirit of a person.  

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Planets responsible for love marriage

Venus instils love, an attraction in a person’s mind while Mars gives courage, fearlessness in mind. The Moon is considered the factor of the mind, so we should not forget to check the position of the Moon in the Horoscope. In addition to Mars, Venus, Moon, the ascendant in the Horoscope is the self of the native. Thus, for love marriage, we mainly look at the position of Mars, Venus, Moon, and the ascendant.

The houses in the Horoscope indicate love marriage

There are twelve houses in the Horoscope. The fifth house of Horoscope represents love, romance in life during the seventh house marriage. Also, the ninth house of the Horoscope represents religion, customs. Jupiter is the natural lord planet of the ninth house. Thus, the relation among the fifth house, seventh house, and the ninth house and their respective lords determines that the person will himself take decisions in his life regarding his marriage, and he or she will choose the life partner at his own. He or she can marry outside his caste or religion.

Thus, we can say that if Venus, Mars, Moon, Jupiter, and the lord of the fifth house, seventh house, and ninth house have a relationship of conjunction or aspect in the Horoscope, then the person performs love marriage.

Planetary combinations of Love Marriage 

  • If the lord of the fifth house in the Horoscope of any person is situated in the seventh house and the lord of the seventh house is situated in the fifth house, then his or her love marriage takes place and this love marriage is successful.
  • Successful love marriage occurs even if the lord of the ninth house of the Horoscope is with the lord of the fifth house or in the seventh house with the lord of the seventh house.
  • A love marriage occurs even if there is a relationship between the fifth house, the ninth house and the ascendant.
  • If Mars, Venus and Jupiter are sitting together in the fourth house of the Horoscope, then he is married to a girl living in the neighbourhood or with the girl in a close relationship.
  • Similarly, if Mars and Venus are situated in the 9th house of the Horoscope of a young person, then he gets love marriage to his colleague in his office.
  • If Mars, Venus, Jupiter sit together in the fifth house of the Horoscope of a girl or boy, then he /she will have a love affair while studying in college and this love affair turns into the love marriage.   

Based on the above, you would have understood that there are direct relations between the fifth house, seventh house and Mars, Venus and Moon. The fifth house is romance while the seventh house is marriage. If there is a relation between romance and marriage, then its result is love marriage. The relation of the fifth house and seventh house is not enough for the love marriage. As I have said in the beginning, that Venus instils romance & attraction towards the opposite sex, and Mars encourages the person to go ahead. Moon represents the mind. Moon & Venus together make the person imaginative towards love. Therefore, when the fifth house, seventh house, Mars, Venus & Moon make the relation in the Horoscope then the person gets the love marriage in his or her life.    

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